EPL – The Billion Dollar Obscenity – 7th February 2016



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In today’s Blog:

In Mobi-Babble – amongst other ramblings, I reflect on the spate of recent celebrity demises, in particular, the late, great Sir Terry Wogan;

In my main article: EPL – The Billion Dollar Obscenity – I write about English Football, how it used to be and how it has now become an obscene money grab;

In More Tales from a Tainted Paradise – I write about Upside Down Signs and The rise and Fall of Luk Thep Dolls – the incredible Luk Thep Doll craze that swept Thailand for a while;

In A Mobi-Book review – I review Of Human Bondage – arguably Somerset Maugham’s greatest novel and considered one of the 100 best novels of all time;

In Mobi-Pics – I publish my penultimate batch of pics taken in the UK last year, featuring the beautiful Olive Garden in Polebrook, Northants.



We are still enjoying the cool season in Pattaya, although the afternoons are starting to warm up with peak temperatures of around 33°C. But the humidity is still very low and the mornings and evenings are very pleasant. We get the occasional overcast day and brief downpours which help with the garden, but by and large, it has stayed pretty dry.

The lake (reservoir) is much higher now after the brief rainy season helped to replenish it, but I don’t think it’s as high as it should be for the oncoming hot season.

Many parts of Thailand are suffering from severe water shortages, and they reckon it’s the worst drought for 22 years. The poor farmers up-country have been ordered not to grow a second rice crop, (as they usually do), because it will use up what little water there is remaining in the reservoirs, from which the paddy fields are irrigated.

Today, Sunday, we were woken early by the incessant bangs of Chinese firecrackers welcoming in the Chinese New Year. We were still rubbing our eyes from lack of sleep when we were assailed by the crashing of doors, windows and things being blown around outside. I looked out of the window to see the surrounding palm trees bending under the power of gale-force winds.

I confess I have never seen such wind in Thailand. There is no rain, …..

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EPL – The Billion Dollar obscenity

riverAs a young kid, I used to play football every day after school, and also on most weekends in a nearby park. I was never a member of a proper team, and truth to tell I wasn’t much good at it, but there was nothing I liked better than to have a good kick around with my friends, using jumpers for goals, and a softball for a football.

In my teens, I played organised football at my school once or twice a week, but yet again was never selected to play for even the lowliest third team.

As well as playing football, at the age of 9, I became an avid lifelong supporter of Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs) who played in the old English first division and these days in the English Premier League (EPL).

From the age of 10, I  regularly went to watch Spurs play at White Hart Lane, in Tottenham. I still remember the number of the bus I took to get there – 144. In those unforgettable, far off days, I delighted in watching such legendary players as Danny Blanchflower, Jimmy Grieves, and so many more ‘greats’ of the game.

When Spurs weren’t playing at home, my friends and I would go and watch other London teams, such as West Ham (during the Moore, Hurst and Peters era), Arsenal, Queens Park Rangers, and even Leyton Orient. I don’t ever recall going tChelsea…

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More Notes From A Tainted Paradise

Upside down anyone?

upside down signcrop

Can you believe it?  If you turn your head upside down you will see that the sign is promoting the Chinese New Year celebrations in Pattaya.

It seems difficult to believe that anyone would erect the sign upside down and drive away – job done. Even if the sign workers couldn’t read English, there’s plenty of Thai script on it as well.

Maybe they were Cambodian workers… no, can’t be that, as most Cambodians can speak and read English – even the beggars.

It beggars belief…


The rise and Fall of Luk Thep Dolls

untitled-1_39In the past year or so there has been a growing craze for buying Luk Thep Dolls, so called because they are said to be ‘Child Gods’.

Three years ago, Mananya Boonmee, a woman who is known as Mama Ning, went from selling purses to changing lives, when she created Petch, Thailand’s first Look Thep doll.

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Of Human Bondage – W. Somerset Maugham


At long last I have  finished reading the Somerset Maugham classic – “Of Human Bondage”. At 259,000 words, it was a bit of a monster, which I hadn’t realised when I started out, as I read it as an eBook.

Below is a reprint of the review I wrote a few days ago on Goodreads.

What a towering piece of literature! It’s right up there with the English classics of the nineteenth century and in terms of its breadth, vision and passion, it puts me in mind of War and Peace or Anna Karenina.

It has been rated as one of the top 100 novels of all time and is certainly a book that any serious reader of English literature should read at some time in their lives. But alas, I doubt whether many modern day readers have the patience to get through it.

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Mobi-Pics – UK 2015 (15)

Olive Grove Poolbrook

IMG_2119I know it seems as though it has been going on forever, but I really am nearly at the end of the series of pics I took in England last Summer.

In fact, this is the penultimate batch. My next blog it will be the final one. Today I am publishing a small batch that I took at a garden centre cum restaurant, called Olive Grove, in the picturesque village of Poolbrook in Northamptonshire.

The place is so pretty that many people come just to look at the olive trees and other bushes, rather than to buy anything. The restaurant is also very nice.


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  1. I read Of Human Bondage 40 years ago when I was 20. I can still hear Mildred chillingly say, “I don’t mind” whenever she wanted to take from Phillip. She was such a nasty woman.


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