“Fatal Parking Rights” & Other “Mobicles”- 24 Jan 2016



Here’s what the readers say:

azzy“…this book has copious amounts of everything you could ever wish for in a book. Adventure, travel, romance, interesting family dynamics, “coming of age”, humour …”

“…Laugh out loud funny, sad, touching, exasperating…the book takes us through the peaks and troughs of Mobi’s first wife, and boy, what a wife she was!…”

(Two genuine excerpts from the 5-Star reviews on Amazon)



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AZZY Update

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Following lengthy discussions with my PR company, they have agreed to give AZZY another two months of promotion, free of charge. I’m not at all convinced that this is going to make much difference to my disappointing sales, but I guess it’s better than nothing. At the time of writing, there hasn’t been any new PR activity, so I’ll have to wait and see….

In the meantime, one of the book review websites that the PR people contacted back in early December has now read my book and they have advised that they will be doing a feature on it. I was asked to send some bio and other stuff to them, and also answered a Q &A, so it looks like something will be happening soon. I’ll pass on the link when the review is published.

Pen for Hire

Since my last blog, it’s been another two weeks, and another couple of dollars – as they say……..

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 More Notes From a Tainted Paradise

Fatal Parking Rights

c1_831644_160119115951_620x413During the years that I have lived in Thailand, one of my biggest bugbears has been the Thai habit of ‘claiming’ the section of road directly outside their, shop, business, restaurant etc. as their own. 

Some of these business owners actually go to the lengths of putting a traffic cone or chair in the road to stop the public from parking there. The spaces are effectively ‘reserved’ for their own customers and no one else is allowed in.

I should explain that the roads have no parking restrictions and the shop owners don’t have anything in the way of a ‘resident’s permit to claim the spot. No, they just consider the parking space to be theirs – for their own and/or their customer’s use.

Although it is annoying when they place cones or chairs in the way to prevent parking, at least unsuspecting drivers know where they stand and they drive on to find somewhere else to park.

The really aggravating situations arise when nothing is placed there and I assume it is okay to park. Even then…….

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A Mobi-Film Review

The Assassin – Yet another case of the Emperor’s New Clothes! 

the-assassinI am not a particular fan of the Chinese/Hong Kong/Taiwan historical, martial arts type dramas – where the heroes/heroines are able to leap twenty feet into the air and land fatal blows on their numerous opponents -often dozens at a time – in one fell swoop.

But through the years, I’ve seen a few good ones, both on TV and at the cinema.

Pride of place must go to Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon which is certainly a masterpiece of the genre.

So it was with some excitement…..

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Mobi-Pics – UK 2015 (14)

Ferry Meadows and Ashton

IMG_2017Im nearly finished with my photos from last year’s trip to the UK. Here’s a batch taken near the end of my stay with my youngest daughter, her husband and grandson.

Ferry Meadows is a country park on the outskirts of Peterborough, and Ashton is a picturesque village in Northamptonshire whose one claim to fame is that it used to host the world conker championships on the village green. It also happens to be the venue for my youngest daughter’s wedding, a few years back.


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“Mobicle” – an article written by Mobi



2 thoughts on ““Fatal Parking Rights” & Other “Mobicles”- 24 Jan 2016”

  1. yo mobi……enjoy all your blogs……but……..in my ville there is no truck or house comparable to yours…..and just trying to make ends meet????…..perhaps a few followups to your time in africa…..that is fascinating stuff….choke dee mate


    1. Hi Dave,

      Thanks for your kind comments.

      I know it’s difficult for people to get their minds around this but the fact remains that my savings will completely run out in a year or so if I can’t find an extra source of income.

      I’m no different to a man in the west who has a house and a car and suddenly finds himself out of work. If he can’t find a new job he will live off his savings, while still living in his house and driving his car. Eventually, if he runs out of money he will have to sell both, but he’s not going to do that while he still has some savings and still has hopes of finding a new job.

      Before I was swindled out of 95% of my savings I owned two vehicles – a truck and a car. Last year I traded them both in for the truck you have seen in my blog. Sure, I could have kept the money, but you can’t live here without transport, and the truck I bought is for life – more to the point, for my family’s life, for I won’t be around in 5-10 years’ time.

      The house is rented and I got a very good deal. Again, I could put everyone into a cheap, single room and save money, but I’m still going to run out of money, all be it a bit further down the line. We might as well have a degree of comfort rather than all suffer from the get go.

      Yes I could have taken a different route,-scrimped and saved and sold everything, but that way everyone would have suffered. I live in hope – otherwise what’s the point? I might as well jump from the nearest condo roof.

      I think everything I want to write about Africa is contained in my latest novel- AZZY. Let me know if you would like me to send you a PDF copy.




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