Mobi’s Letter to America – 10th January 2016



AZZY Reviews

Apologies for the absence of a blog last weekend – I’m afraid it’s going to be the shape of things to come due to my contract writing commitments. At the very least I will make every effort to write a blog at least once a fortnight.

Although I’ve pretty much given up on my latest novel, AZZY,  selling in meaningful numbers, but as I’ve put so much time, effort and heartache into it, I’ve decided to keep plugging away at trying to promote it. After all… you never know…and it gives me something to cling to and dream about.

Every morning when I sit down at my computer, one of the first things I do is to check the updated sales reports for my books on Amazon. The only book that is moving in anything resembling encouraging numbers is my short story – “The Bahrain Incident”, which of course, can be downloaded on Kindle free of charge.

I guess it tells me something about the book reading public – they love a freebie and aren’t even prepared to fork out a couple of quid ($3) for a book of 457 ‘print pages’. At the back end of the digital version of The Bahrain Incident, I have included ‘tasters’ of all my other works, including AZZY.  All the reader has to do is click on a link and buy it.  So far I have drawn a blank.

So this week, I am trying to draw attention to the incredible reviews AZZY have received on Amazon. Sure, there’s only ten of them, but every single  reviewer has given my book the maximum 5-stars, and some of the narratives are quite extraordinary in their praise.

Here’s a few excerpts:

“…Characters are complex and unpredictable; the setting is rich and beautifully described. In Azzy, the world of oilmen, prostitutes, and Nigerian juju comes to life…”

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by Colm Tóibín

BrooklynUnderwhelmed, I’m afraid.

When I finished the book and read a review by the Guardian critic, who thinks that Colm Tóibín is some kind of literary giant, I honestly wondered whether I had been reading the same book. Apparently the novel is full of subtle nuances and tells us much about repressed feelings, social interactions of the period, and so on. Really?

To be fair, the Guardian critic isn’t alone. Brooklyn has garnered some impressive book awards and has now been made into a successful film which may even win an Oscar or two. This is why I decided to read the book before seeing the movie.

I’m sorry, but I found the novel a piece of lightweight fluff, and I assume the film producers didn’t have to work very hard to make a better job of this simple story than the author did.

Brooklyn is set in the early 1950’s and is an insubstantial piece about a young, naïve woman from an Irish provincial town (village?) who travels to New York by ship to make a new life for ….

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Mobi’s Letter to America


My Dear Americans,  

I have never had much regard for President Obama. Not because of his left-wing views, but because he was full of promises that he couldn’t translate into action. He is a great orator but one of the worst administrators who has ever laid claim to the oval office.

He received his training as a partisan politician in the maelstrom of the corrupt Chicago political machine. He received his spiritual teachings from a minister who is blatantly prejudiced and anti-American and he honed his political philosophy from a self-confessed terrorist.

He has never come close to experiencing – let alone managing – any kind of commercial enterprise in the real world. When he became president, it was soon apparent that his man-management skills were sadly lacking. He had no inkling how to assert any control over his ambitious, very partisan Whitehouse staff.

It wasn’t long before he was the mercy of the senior Democrat Party insiders who became his puppet master and formulated a majority of his policies. If any member of staff screwed up badly, they simply got promoted to a new job. Nobody in Obama’s Whitehouse has ever been fired or made to resign through incompetence.

There is no question that America’s standing and prestige in the…  

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Mobi-Pics – UK 2015 (13)

Peterborough Town Centre

Continuing with my photos from our trip to the UK last summer; here is a collection of pics taken in Peterborough town centre, including the magnificent 900-year old cathedral, and the ancient guildhall. Enjoy.


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MAB mini pic

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