To work or not to work?

I did think I would be working over the Christmas period. I was expecting to be  writing content for websites, but I have come to an agreement with my current content ‘buyer’ that I can finish the outstanding work next week and take a short break.

In my last blog, I was very down in the dumps and wondered how it was that at my time of life I was grinding out words for a meagre living? It was certainly not the way I had expected to spend my ‘senior’ years, but there again, I’m not exactly sure how I did expect to spend them.

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That’s a bit of a lie because I know full well how I expected to spend them – I had hoped to be writing books which would make sufficient money to make ends meet.

So instead of writing fiction, which I  very much enjoy, I am condemned to writing something that I don’t enjoy. It’s a double-whammy, as it were.


But on the plus side, after writing some 41 web pages this month, I am slowly getting used to it. The writing has become slightly less onerous, and as I gain experience, no doubt it will become easier. Hopefully, I will be able to speed up a little. My earnings this month have so far amounted to a whopping $650….

At the moment, I can write about 2-3 web pages a day, depending on the number of words required and the amount of research I have to do. In the process, I am becoming an expert in such diverse fields as steam cleaning carpets, removing asbestos from old buildings, and matched betting….

As the work has become a bit easier, my mood has lightened. After all, at least I have found some work I am capable of doing without having to leave my own home. It could be worse.


AZZY – The End of the Line?

The sales of AZZY have been a total disaster. I think AZZY is selling even less than my previous novels, and that’s saying something.

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The only ripple of sales activity is for my short story – ‘The Bahrain Incident’, which can be downloaded free of charge!! I guess that tells me something about human nature. People will always go for a freebie, regardless of quality and /or quantity. They can’t even put their hands in their pockets and fork out $2.99 or £1.99 – for a book with 457 ‘print pages’ and which has so far has received nothing but 5-star reviews.

But I concede defeat. I still think it was a wonderful suggestion by my good friend Brian, to suggest that I write a series of books around each of my six wives, and I am very proud of the first one, AZZY.

It is by far and away the best book I have written, and even if nobody reads it, I do not regret spending a year of my life in its production. If I hadn’t written it, I would have always wondered: ‘what if?

I think that there that  far too many odds are stacked against me. I am completely unknown and I am too old to build up a loyal readership. Added to which, I have failed to get any kind of decent publicity campaign off the ground.

This is despite my best efforts on my blog, twitter, Facebook, Linked-In and God only knows what other social media.

However, I do sincerely thank all the good folk out there who have ‘liked’ my Facebook posts, retweeted my tweets and done whatever they can to help in my promotion efforts, but sadly, it didn’t work.


As I have previously written, I placed my main hope and trust and some of my last remaining money into a PR outfit that has totally let me down. Their less than impressive efforts have only produced one lowly blog review, one blog posting of the book’s details, and a couple of promises to review the book “sometime next year.”

I should add that these relatively unknown blogs are geared towards modern romantic fiction – which is hardly the kind of readership I need to target for a book like AZZY….

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