It’s Back to work…What! At my time of life?


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It’s Back to work…What! At my time of life?

I was at the point of letting my blog slip for another week, when at the last moment, I changed my mind and decided to write one after all.

I have spent the past ten days grappling with the ‘joys’ of writing content for other people’s websites.

You would think that as I spend nearly all my time writing – either my novels or my blog, that I could do this content writing lark standing on my head.

Well, I do seem to be able to do it quite well. So far, all my work has been accepted without any changes and the content ‘buyers’ have been very complimentary about my work.

But ‘easy, it ain’t’.

Basically, what is required for most jobs is to write content for a new website that is being launched (or re-launched) for a specified product or service. As a rule, very little information is given about the product or service – most briefs are no more than a couple of sentences – and it is down to me to do my own research.

So before I can write anything I have to research at least half a dozen websites that also sell this product or provide this service, as well as gleaning relevant information from such websites as “Wikipedia”, Yahoo’s “How To…” etc.

Then, once I am an  expert, I might have to write as many as eleven web pages for a single product/service. All the writing must be….

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Yet More Brief Notes from a Tainted Paradise

2014-05-31 Immanuel Orchestra group C

An Overabundance of Musical Riches

I see corruption is still alive and kicking in the Land of Tainted Smiles, (“LOTS”) – well we wouldn’t have it any other way, now would we?

We’ve had the scandal of the airport scanners that don’t work, then the unbelievable cost of new clocks and microphones in our beloved parliament building; not forgetting the Fire Engine scam and the twenty billion dollar rice scam.

As you know, I could go on …and on… and on, but one particular titbit of outrageous graft caught my eye the other day and I thought it was worth sharing it with you.

It concerns the 1.3 billion baht ($43 million) purchase of musical instruments for Bangkok city schools.

In 2009, the Bangkok Administration spent 259 million baht for 90 schools and in 2014 they spent 587 million baht to buy instruments for a further 197 schools, 187 of which didn’t even have a music teacher. They also spent 14 million baht for efficiency training for music teachers… but there were only 10 of them….

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A Mobi Book Review



Beloved –  by Toni Robinson

Published  in July 2007

Here is the slightly edited transcript of my book review, that I recently published on Goodreads.


I read this book because it was on Stephen King’s reading list.

I knew that Toni Morrison had won the Pulitzer Prize for ‘Beloved’, but I didn’t know that she has also won the Nobel Prize for literature for her earlier work. It just shows how much I know….

I have a question.

I have been an avid reader of fiction for over sixty years and I have a particular predilection for 18th and 19th-century authors, but I also have read some great writing from 20th and even 21st-century writers. I must have read thousands of books in my time, yet I often find modern, prize-winning authors very difficult to read.

Sometimes their work is, frankly, boring, (as was the case with Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian), and with others I often find it quite difficult to follow the plots and understand the characters. Why is this? Am I so stupid? Yet I can read all the greats of the past ….

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Mobi-Pics – UK 2015 (12)


In And Around Stamford, A Posh Sunday Market & Rollers Galore!

Continuing our trek through Merrie England last June… where else could it be?

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