Oh, Amy…Why… oh why?

“Kiara” from Stamford, UK – my daughter’s neurotic feline.


 Cold Feet on AZZY


It’s been a slightly hectic, worrying, and frustrating week, but I’m trying to keep my sense of humour.

I confess that I’m getting cold feet about the likely success of my book and have started to worry a great deal about how I am going to make ends meet if the book does not produce a small supplementary income.

This has led to a relapse of my stomach problems, which until the last week or so had been so much better. My health problems are now back with a vengeance and every morning when I wake up I have searing pains in my stomach which take several hours to go and then only after I have made several unpleasant visits to the loo.

I now know for sure that my IBS is brought on by worry and stress. It all started in earnest within a few days of me losing all my savings and apart from a few brief periods (e.g. during my trip to the UK) my tummy has been torturing me ever since.

Last Friday, Lek and I set off for Bangkok for a long overdue consultation with my GI specialist. A few weeks ago, my stomach was behaving so well that I was contemplating asking the doc whether it was time to start cutting back on my medication – given that I am currently taking some 25 tablets and capsules a day – of which 14 tabs/caps are related to my IBS.

Guess what? We were half-way to Bangkok when we received a call from the hospital to tell us the doctor had cancelled my appointment.  We’ll try again next Friday.

Quite frankly, I’ve been seeing this specialist for two years now, and although the medication has undoubtedly helped  – I rarely..

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Oh, Amy…Why… oh why?


‘Amy’ – A review (of sorts)

Before I tell you what I thought of the documentary ‘Amy‘ which was released worldwide in cinemas earlier this year, here are some selected excerpts  from my 2011 blog article about Amy Winehouse that  I wrote soon after her tragic death.

“I had heard about Amy Winehouse long before she was the recipient of  no less than six Grammy awards, as she had been in the news for the wrong reasons many times and I had also heard her massive hit ‘Rehab’; but I confess that she hadn’t registered very highly in my personal musical appreciation list.

However, once she had been honoured by such an august body and had been trashed by many Americans for her drug habits, I took a further look at this young, maverick singing sensation. I liked what I found when I started to listen seriously to her music, particularly the tracks from her smash hit album, ‘Back to Black’.

I find it difficult to categorise Winehouse’s style – sort of bluesy – soul with a bit of sultry cockney ‘white- trash’ thrown in. Whatever….

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Mobi-Pics – UK 2015 (11)


“Caribbean Eats” & “At Home” in Stamford

A couple of pics of our final night in Birmingham, and then it’s off to Stamford in Lincolnshire for the final week of our stay in the UK.

In this, the first batch of ‘Stamford pics’, Lek and I are  at home with my youngest daughter and her husband. Centre stage is my first grandchild.


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MAB mini pic

2 thoughts on “Oh, Amy…Why… oh why?”

  1. Dear Mobi,
    I read your blog for years now, and also your books. I enjoyed reading “Lust for life” and also “Azzy”.
    One thing I not understand is your financial problems? I am a Belgium national, living in Bangkok for over 10 years on a state pension of about 50.000 baht, me and my family of 4 can live very good of it, why complaining?


    1. Hi Chris, thank you for following my life all these years.

      If my state pension was around 50,000 Baht per month I might just about be able to make ends meet, but unfortunately, it is little more half that amount.(about 28K)

      Out of this meagre sum, I have to pay around 12,000 baht per month for my medications and also pay house rent (13k)- I don’t know if you own your property, but if you do it would obviously make things easier.
      I hardly ever go out, I always eat at home and apart from my GI specialist in BKK (who I’ve not seen for over 6 months) I have stopped all my medical specialists for my diabetes and heart conditions as I cannot afford them.

      My wife and her two kids live very frugally and I send very small amounts of cash – and I mean very small – to her mother and father each month, Lek receives nothing from me except for housekeeping.

      I’m not sure if there is any inflation in Samui, but here in Pattaya food prices seem to go up every week and my UK pension always remains the same – I don’t get any inflation or indexed linked annual pension increases because I live abroad.

      Every month I have to take from my ever diminishing savings to make ends meet. It will all be gone in another year or so.

      I hope that explains why I need a little extra income


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