The World’s Longest-ever Half-marathon 22nd November 2015

Right where they belong! – In the stocks at Warwick Castle….
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A New Mobi-Truck

I suppose the real highlight of the week has been the grand change out of Mobi’s transportation.

To those of you who don’t live in Thailand, this will probably sound a bit crazy. Last week I decided that there was a brief ‘window of opportunity’ when I might be able to ‘trade in and buy a new vehicle’ to my advantage, before the chance of doing this for a small cash outlay would be gone forever.

As we approach the end of the calendar year, both our vehicles – the Nissan March, and the Mitsubishi Triton are  roughly 3 1/2 years old and are still in pretty good nick.

If we sold them prior to the New Year they would be regarded as three-year-old vehicles rather than four, which has quite an effect on their resale price. (Thais tend to look at the calendar year of a vehicle, rather than the month)

For a similar reason, anyone buying a new car towards the end of the year will get a pretty good deal as most people prefer to wait until the New Year before buying. New car sales are slow in November/December.

On top of this was the fact that our Nissan March can consider itself lucky if it gets driven once a month – and even then only to make sure it is still running.

I rarely – if ever – go out by myself anymore. Even if the family goes away for a few days, I stay at home and carry on with my writing and other internet activities.  

In an emergency, I have a motorbike which I can use to potter around the lake.

So my plan was to sell the Triton and the Nissan and replace them….

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Yet More Notes From a Tainted Paradise

The World’s Longest-ever’ Half-marathon

Wake-up-with-a-Zespri-kiwi-at-the-_12th-August-Half-Marathon-Bangkok-2015Yes, folks – The Thais now have something else to be proud of… another world record!

Participants in the recent Standard Chartered Bangkok Marathon were made to run an extra 5.5 kilometres on top of the standard 21.1km in last Sunday’s early morning race.

The Bangkok National Jogging Association of Thailand apologised for the error yesterday, stating that their organisation had miscalculated the half-marathon course distance.

“Our staff mistakenly marked a U-turn onto the course, which added around six kilometres to the route,” said a co-organiser. “We admit our mistake and have apologised. Our staff worked hard, but they were confused,” he said.

The course for Sunday’s competition, which started and ended in front of the Grand Palace, was longer by 5.5 kilometres. About 7,000 runners calculated the distance on their GPS devices and many were thoroughly exhausted by the finish. Predictably, many used social media to slam the organisers.

It really does make you wonder what is going on in this troubled paradise when officials make such an enormous error and become the laughing stock of international athletes.

I mean, just how hard is it in this day and age with GPS, Sat-Navs, Google maps, Google Earth – to say nothing of the lowly pedometer – to assist you in calculating a distance of 21.1 kilometres?  Okay, an error of a few hundred metres or so might be put down to minor carelessness – but 5.5 kilometres? The mind boggles.

It begs the question:  precisely what level of responsibility is considered necessary in Thailand to entrust the marking out of a running course for international competition? And what system of verification existed?

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Mobi-Pics -UK 2015(10)


Warwick Castle

I’m coming to the end of the batches of photos  that I took in England earlier this year.

Today, I’m featuring the many pics I took in and around historic Warwick Castle, in the county of Warwickshire… where else.

The castle and grounds have been immaculately maintained and it is probably one of the best of the English castles to take your family for a day out. As you can see, the weather was perfect.


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MAB mini pic

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