AZZY – Free Download For 5 Days From Tomorrow…. (Sunday 22nd November 2015)

AZZY – Free eBook Download 

IMG_2653 CROPRESIZEJPGA little bit later than planned, I am pleased to announce that my latest novel AZZY will be available for FREE DOWNLOAD for 5 days from tomorrow, Sunday 22nd November until Thursday, 26th November.

Please note that the free offer will commence at midnight, USA Pacific time, which is 8 hours behind UK time and 15 hours behind Thai time.

So in theory, the book will be available for free download from Sunday morning at 8 a.m. in the UK and from 3 p.m. in Thailand.

There was a bit of a technical glitch which has delayed the launch of this promotion offer, but hopefully all is now resolved.

Here are excerpts from a couple of early reviews of AZZY:-


“I’ve just finished ‘Azzy’ and it’s fantastic!

You’ve really made the most of the extraordinary (extreme!) environment of 1960s-70s Nigeria and the surreal clash of cultures, both of which give you ample material for conflict and surprises which are the essence of good fiction…….

Congratulations on your achievement!”


“….at times I felt bad for him, other times I really just wanted to strangle him. As a young man learning the wily ways of a woman…

….If you’re looking for culture, violence, sex and magic, The Six Wives of Mobi D’Ark is a novel to pick up. And for Mobi’s sake, I really hope wife number two is well versed in both juju and jig-a-jig.”


The first review, along with other information on the book, can be read in full on my “AZZY” web page” at:


The second review, by J Woods the romance author, can be read in full on Goodreads at:

AZZY on Goodreads


Download your free eBook copy of AZZY at:-

AZZY eBook at Amazon UK

AZZY eBook at

I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

For those of you who prefer to read your book in the traditional manner, AZZY is also available in paperback from the same Amazon websites. At 565 pages, it is a great read and would make a good Christmas present for anyone who likes to curl up with a good book over the festive period.

Unfortunately, the paperbacks are NOT part of the free promotion.


AZZY in Paperback at Amazon UK

AZZY in Paperback at


As you are probably aware, the success of any book by a relatively unknown author depends almost entirely on the number of positive customer reviews it receives on Amazon.

So may I respectfully request that a few of you out there take the trouble to write a few kind words about my book and give it a ‘star rating’. I know this is a lot to ask, but I really will be eternally grateful to any of you who can find the time to do this.

You have a choice of posting on Amazon.Uk or

(Unfortunately, Amazon does not aggregate reviews on both sites.)

Dot-com‘ will be better for me as the USA market is much bigger than the UK market, but there is nothing to stop you posting on both sites.

Anyway, I will leave it up to you.

Any review on either site – even just 3 or 4 words – will be really welcome.

Many thanks, folks.



P.S Normal Blog tomorrow … Sunday 22nd.



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