What Price Freedom? – A Good One Ed!

Victims of a shooting attack lay on the pavement outside La Belle Equipe restaurant in Paris Friday, Nov. 13, 2015. Well over 100 people were killed in Paris on Friday night in a series of shooting, explosions. (Anne Sophie Chaisemartin via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT

What Price Freedom?

A Good One Ed!

I wonder how Edward Snowden is feeling today.

He is probably feeling just as self-righteous and ‘pure of spirit’ as he was yesterday.

I am quite sure that he feels absolutely no responsibility for the terrible tragedy.

It is conceivable that if he had never revealed to the world how the security services listen in to everything we are saying, that the multiple Paris attacks would have still happened…. But somehow I doubt it.

I am sure that I speak for the vast, but still silent majority, when I say that if the price for keeping us safe is for the likes of the CIA the NSA, MI5 and MI6 and the spooks from GCHQ  to listen in on my most private phone calls and to track my web-surfing habits; and that this is the only way the authorities can route out these despicable terrorists – then it is a price I am more than happy to pay.

We members of the silent majority are law-abiding citizens and we have nothing to hide.

Okay, it may be a bit embarrassing for some nameless spy to discover that I have  – say – a  predilection for porn websites or I am thinking of ‘topping’ myself but if allowing them access my most innermost and private thoughts and desires will keep me safe from being blown to kingdom come – then so be it.

If I have to put a minor infringement of my civil liberties against the ever growing possibility of the world being taken over by crazed, murdering fanatics, then for me there is no contest.

No doubt innocent people will be arrested on suspicion of terrorism, but we must accept that this will happen from time to time and put our trust in the belief  that western-style truth and justice will ultimately prevail.

Earlier this year, 11 French journalists were massacred in the attacks on the Charlie Ebdo Paris offices and more recently we learn that Isis has claimed responsibility for putting a bomb on the flight that killed 224 Russians over the Sinai desert.

Since 9/11 it has been estimated that Islamic terrorists have carried out no less than 27,000 terror attacks across the world in which countless thousands of innocent people have been killed and maimed.

In October 2015 alone, 195 attacks have been recorded in 31 countries in which 1,564 people were killed and 1,730 were critically injured. All this in a single month.

Yet here is Edward Snowden and his thousands upon thousands of bleeding heart liberal mates screaming about the gross infringement of our freedom and civil liberties. They continually try to convince us that we must rein back our security services and make it ever more difficult for them to do their job properly and keep us safe.

Whenever a terrorist attack in the west succeeds, it dominates the news headlines for days – even weeks. But whenever a terrorist plot is successfully foiled, we are lucky if we find the news of this anywhere in our newspapers or on the net.

Occasionally, we are told of an arrest and we are told about another plot that has been foiled, and we shake our collective heads and think that these idiots must have been crazy to think they could get away with it – with such diligent security services ready to risk life and limb to protect us.

I wonder how many terror plots have been nipped in the bud and never even reach the light of day.

It seems almost too ridiculous to be true, but it was only last Friday morning that Barack Obama, the so-called leader of the free world and President the most powerful country on Earth stated that ISIS was not getting stronger and that “we have contained them“.

This is the man who hates to call anyone a terrorist – and never, ever an Islamic terrorist. History will judge him harshly.

The Paris atrocities and countless other recent outrages have demonstrated that these evil monsters are a very long way from being contained.

The trouble is that the damage Edward Snowden, (and also Bradley Manning), did to the world’s security network was a huge double-whammy.

Not only did Snowden throw a massive spotlight on the fact that  NSA and GCHQ monitor our everyday digital communications, but he gave our enemies chapter and verse on how this was carried out.

So the world’s so-called liberty seekers immediately attacked the security services and called for restrictions on their ‘nefarious, undemocratic activities.

But even worse than this, America’s brave, fearless Ed gave our enemies all the gritty details about how the security services operate.

Back in the Second World War, allied shipping was put at grave risk and many lives were lost because the allied leaders, (Churchill et al), didn’t want the Germans to get wind of the fact that we were able to unscramble their daily communications via the Enigma machine.

In one instance, had the allies warned a merchant shipping fleet that German U-boats were about to torpedo them and thus  given them a chance to take evasive action, the game would be up and Gerry would have known that we had cracked their code.

As a result, many lives were lost that could have been saved. Such is the unpleasant nature of any war –  lives were lost for the sake of the many.

It has been said that the enigma machine single-handedly won the war for the allies. This may or may not be true, but what is clear is that the allies’ ability  to decode German combinations played a very significant role on the war’s outcome.

Fast forward to 2015.

Courtesy of Edward Snowdon, (incredibly, some people regard him as a hero, rather than  a traitor), we have told the Islamic extremists everything they ever wanted to know about how we spy on them.

That is presumably why the French Secret services didn’t have a clue about the coordinated terror attacks that exploded last Friday night in eight different locations on the streets of Paris

Mark my words, if  the bleeding heart liberals with their pacifist thinking continue to hold sway and manacle our security services, attacks similar to those in Paris this weekend will become ever more common.

The only way we will effectively halt this assault on our western civilisation is to sacrifice some elements of our own freedoms for the safety and the greater good of the majority.

I repeat – If we are law-abiding citizens, we have little to fear.

My sincere condolences to everyone affected by this terrible tragedy. I wish it were not so.

Ed  – you have much to contemplate in your Russian ‘open prison’. Are you happy?

RIP to all those who died…I sincerely hope your deaths were not in vain…



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Jomtien Beach, Friday, 13th November

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Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Yet another instalment of the pics I took in England earlier this year. In this blog I’m featuring the beautiful botanical gardens in Birmingham.

I think you will agree with me that the UK does places like this so well.


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5 thoughts on “What Price Freedom? – A Good One Ed!”

  1. Mobi,

    If there were many more “snowdens” out there, at least one in every government, one in every big company and they all reported when their employers did something illegal, then maybe we could start to get a more civilized society.

    But I have no hope for this world any more. It will never be better as long as greed and hunger for power is running the place.

    And say one place where that is not the fact? 0



  2. Mobi – interesting that you think Ed deserves most of the blame, while Bush & Blair get a pass for helping create ISIS by toppling Saddam (even Blair admits that this is so). However since ISIS straddles two countries, there’s the US/Saudi/Turkish “give support to “moderate” jihadists” policy in Syria, backed up with billions of dollars, that flooded the previously stable, non-terrorist producing country with weapons and bloodthirsty extremists. Yes, no one could see the harm, what’s a little regime change since it worked so well in Iraq! Anyone remember the friendly Afghan “freedom fighter” jihadists who turned into the Taliban and Al Qaeda? Don’t get distracted here Mobi, and place the blame where it belongs.


    1. Hi Gino, I agree with everything you say.

      I don’t think I am getting distracted, I am simply saying that ‘we are where we are’ and we have to deal with it.

      There has been so much written on what caused the rise of these murderous militants that it would be pointless for me to add my two cents worth.

      I am trying to state that if the security services had been free to do their snooping without hindrance from the so-called defenders of freedom and liberties, then they may have got wind of the Paris plot in advance.

      Ed is not responsible for the rise of the militants, but he can be held at least partly responsible for hampering the security efforts. If he hadn’t blown the whistle, there is little doubt that we would have been in a far better position to ‘listen in’ on these ‘plots’, but now they know all about our modus operandi, they are able to find new ways circumvent such surveillance.

      Yet in spite of all this, Cameron has stated that the Brits have foiled no less than 7 plots in this year alone. It really makes you think.

      The enigma machine wasn’t responsible for the second world war, but it was crucial in the Allied victory. If someone had leaked details of the machine to the Germans – who knows? We may all be speaking German today… This is why I think what Ed did was so traitorous.

      Others are perfectly entitled to disagree and I will always respect their views.



  3. Mobi,

    I think you have to much hope for what “CIA the NSA, MI5 and MI6 and the spooks from GCHQ” can do to stop the terrorists from ISIS.

    If they have not found out WHO is buying the oil from ISIS, if they have not found out who is supporting them with food, water, ammunition, bombs, rockets etc etc so far, how should they be able to stop terrorists in the west?

    Probably is it absolutely too much money involved in “to fight the ISIS and other groups” so they will not stop them.

    Of course they already know who is buying the oil and they also know where all weapons are coming from to ISIS but it is too profitable for some people so they don’t want/cannot stop them.



    1. Hi Sven, Maybe I do hope too much; but one thing’s for sure, if the likes of Snowden and the “defenders of liberty” have their way, then we haven’t got a chance in hell…


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