Yet more Notes From a Tainted Paradise – 8th November 2015

The Countdown to “Azzy”


Only 8 days to go folks!

On Monday, 16th November, the eBook version of AZZY will be available for download on Amazon Kindle.

In the meantime, you will be able to pre-order AZZY by going to live Amazon site, but please remember that there will be a  5-day free download period which will commence within one or two days after the book’s launch.

If you do  decide to buy, rather than go for the free offer, the price is only £1.99 on Amazon UK and $2.99 on

I am  hoping that the paperback version of AZZY will also be available to buy on 16th November. I have received the proof copy a couple of days ago from Charleston, South Carolina and it looks amazing. It’s a whopping 565 pages, with a nice glossy cover, and will grace any respectable bookshelf.

Merged pics

Unfortunately, the printed books don’t come particularly cheap these days, and  the US version will be priced at $19.99 and the UK version at £15.00. Delivery is guaranteed within a few days and it will make a wonderful Christmas present for those who love to curl up with a good, real book, rather than the Kindle version.


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Click Here to Pre-order/Buy AZZY on

Click HERE to go to Mobi’s “AZZY” Page, where you can read about the book and also read some selected extracts.




Another week has flown by.

Lek has finally finished putting her homemade mosquito nets and curtains up and I must say it has made a huge improvement to our little house. Not only do they look quite nice, but as the sun comes directly through the windows in the afternoons where I am writing, I can now close the new curtains to stop the glare on my computer screens.

But the main thing is  we no longer get any flies or mosquitoes inside the house. This is a big improvement from our former home where it was impossible to stop all the insect assaults on our bodies.

I have become immune to the itching that is normally associated with mozzie bites, but that didn’t stop the little buggers attacking me. There is a lot of deadly dengue fever around, and although I have already had it once, (I was hospitalised for a week), it doesn’t necessarily provide me with immunity against catching it again, and the next time I get it, it could be even worse – possibly fatal.


Reluctant Parent

The kids went back to school on Monday. Ah… merciful peace and quiet for a few hours,  although we did have a little problem with our 14-year old, Neung, on only his…. 

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Yet more Notes From a Tainted Paradise

Teach your children well

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I don’t know how many times Lek and I have been sitting watching a news item on the television when she would suddenly exclaim, (in Thai):

“How can they all speak such good English?”

The news reporter may be interviewing a flood victim from the slums of the Philippines, or a fisherman in Cambodia, or even a starving villager in Burma, but they all can do something that few people in Thailand can do – they can speak passable English.

Thailand is far richer than any of its neighbouring countries, but its education system, especially as far as the teaching of English is concerned, is still woefully inadequate.

Thai-School-Children-Get-No-EducationGo to any school in the Kingdom and speak to any teacher who teaches English. I will bet you he/she will not be able to speak a single sentence in the English language – yet they are teaching English to their students. Is it any wonder so few can speak even the most basic of English? Crazy, but true.

Unfortunately, one can only conclude that there is absolutely no desire by the ruling classes to genuinely improve the English skills of the ‘masses’.


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Birmingham – Town Centre

I return this week to the photographs I took in the UK earlier this year. Today’s selection were taken in Birmingham town centre where we stayed for a week with my eldest daughter.

Birmingham is quite a place these days and much of the town centre has been completely re-built in recent years. Pride of place are the world famous library and the International Concert Hall, home of The Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. I was thinking about talking Lek to a concert, but the prices were astronomical – shame really…

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