“Azzy” in Paperback!

“Azzy” in Paperback!


Yes, folks, I’ve taken the plunge and plan to have Azzy out in paperback on or shortly after the eBook launch which is scheduled for 16th November.

I know that some of you have not yet taken the digital route so I though it may be a good idea to offer a more traditional way to read my latest novel.

The book will be printed by ‘CreateSpace’, which is a division of Amazon books and will be available for purchase on Amazon, alongside the eBook version. I understand that delivery will take no more than 7 days.

I also understand that in due course it will be available for order through all good bookshops.

Unfortunately, the book will be sold on a ‘Print on Demand ‘ (POD) basis which means that the costs of going this route are quite high.

I have yet to decide on the final price, but the minimum price has been set by Amazon at $19.40 or £10.77 and at these prices, the royalty I will receive is very low. The royalty in the UK will be even lower as the printing will be contracted out in the UK, whereas in the USA, Amazon have their own printing set-up.

The book will be quite a substantial item for any self-respecting bookcase. It will be  8.5 x 5.5 inches, – quite large for a paperback – and a whopping 675 pages. This is why the book price will be on the high side.

Nevertheless, A great Christmas present for those looking for a good read during the festive season.

I am in the final process of  obtaining approval for the print proofs, so more on this in my next blog.

Post-Launch promotion  for “AZZY” Kindle (eBook) version – Free downloads for 5 days!!

At the other end of the scale, some of you will be aware that the eBook version is already available for pre-order on Amazon  the low price of £1.99 on the U K site, (Click: “Azzy” at Amazon UK)  and $2.99 on the US site, (Click:Azzy” at Amazon.com)

I would like to thank those of you who have already pre-ordered the book. However, I would like to invite you, and the rest of my readers to await the post- launch free offer which will last for five days. For those who have already pre-ordered, if you wish you may cancel the order and await the free promotion period.

I would also like to apologise to any of you who have pre-ordered the book before I announced the free promotion period. It was not my intention to mislead you, as I have only just decided to go with the free period, on the advice of my PR Company in the UK.

The eBook version will be launched on 16th November, and the free promo period will commence on 17 or 18th November. I will remind everyone by twitter and blog post as soon as it is up there for free.

As before, for some strange reasons, these free promotions are not available in Thailand and some other territories. The workings of Amazon worldwide are a law unto themselves.

For the avoidance of doubt, the free promotion does not extend to the paperback version. I would do it if I could…..

I have a lot riding on the success of this book, which those who have read it tell me is by far and away my best novel – much more ‘commercial’, a very exciting story that will keep you enthralled to the final page.

Pass the word… thanks.

Here is an email I received from one of my ‘readers’ who is a retired teacher of English literature and he knows what he is talking about and never fails to criticise when he feels appropriate.

“Hi Mobi

I’ve just finished ‘Azzy’ and it’s fantastic.

You’ve really made the most of the extraordinary (extreme!) environment of 1960s-70s Nigeria and the surreal clash of cultures, both of which give you ample material for conflict and surprises which are the essence of good fiction.

Your bringing scenes to life through dialogue is as sharp and believable as ever, and your descriptive passages are, I think, even stronger than I remember, very vivid and sensuous. From the first impressions on arriving, right through to the description of the Peckham house at the end, you take the reader with you into the heart of the world you’re re-creating.

Scenes I thought particularly came alive were:

1) Part I chapter 18 ‘Home Sweet Home’, the amusing negotiating about the house.

2) Part II chapters 23, 24: alternating the past tense narrative with stream-of-consciousness in the jailhouse – excellent teasing of the reader, building his/her dread at what’s coming.

3) Part III: flashbacks of the child’s memories of the violent father – truly horrifying especially for this reader who (like most, I imagine) was lucky enough to have a completely different childhood. These are completely relevant in preparing us for the antagonism of him with Azzy, and her subsequent breakdown.

4) Part III: the Billy incident – the way Mobi has to resolve his own conflicted feelings to do the right thing, even at the expense of going without a “good time”.

There must be other fiction set in that country, in that period – but very little, I imagine, focussing so clear-sightedly, and so immediately, on the chaotic personal experience of expats, which is probably as true a lens as any.

All in all, I have to say that my experience of the book, now that I’ve seen the whole thing, is a lot stronger than my first impressions earlier – it seems more solid, more nuanced and yet pitches forward with great power through the events it tells. No doubt your two faithful critics were very helpful in supporting you to achieve this. I have no doubt that it’s ready for publication, and will I hope attract a lot of fee-paying readers!

Congratulations on your achievement!”

Click HERE to visit my AZZY blog page, and to also read some extracts from the new novel.



Micky in his new bed

As you will have seen from my main “Azzy Promotion” article, I have been very busy over the last few days preparing my book for printing by Amazon and it wasn’t until late last night (Saturday) that I was able to reach a point in the process where I was able to take a break.

I had to use the Kindle version of my book and turn the text file ‘on its head ‘ and get it re-formatted for printing a paperback.

Producing a book for the eBook format was hard enough for this old Luddite,  but preparing files for ‘printing’ was a whole new ball game.

When the text file was finally submitted successfully, (after having been rejected several times due to formatting errors), I then had to design my own book cover.

The front part of the cover was easy enough as I used the same design I am using for the eBook, but the process involved to produce a new back cover may appear to be simple enough, but believe me, it ain’t.

Deciding on the content for the back cover was easy, but the converting my  ‘artwork’ into an image that met Amazon’s requirements took me many hours of trial and error – working out how I could make the image satisfy the precise specifications in terms of quality, size, ‘dpi’ count and much more. Anyway, I got there in the end.

Meanwhile back at the new Mobi-ranch….

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Mobi-Pics – Nong Khai: October, 2015

By way of a change, I will take a break from publishing photos which were taken in England earlier this year; and instead, post a few that were taken by Lek on her family’s recent trip to Nong Khai.

I am too lazy to notate exactly where they were all taken – but they are all in and around the province of Nong Khai, the most northern of the Isan provinces.

You will recognise, Lek, her two children, Neung and Song; there other members of Lek’s family in many of the photos. The little girl with Song is her younger cousin.



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MAB mini pic

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