Platini’s Head on Blatter’s Platter



A Full House no longer

In the small hours of last Tuesday morning, (about 2 a.m.), Lek and the kids took off in the Mitsubishi Triton to make the 500-mile journey to Nong Khai to visit  their extended family. They drove via Udon Thani airport where she picked up her sister who had flown up there from Bangkok, (I think…).

So overnight, I went from a full house to an empty house and I am all alone, save for three dogs, who spend most of their time sitting by the front door, waiting for their beloved ‘mother’ to return.

I am betwixt and between.

I am awaiting the launch of my book on 16th November, and I have yet to make a serious start on Book number Two. I did plan to make a start on it during the family’s absence, but I confess that procrastination has reared its ugly head.

I haven’t been totally idle as I have been immersed in sorting out some long-standing problematic issues with….

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More Notes from a Tainted Paradise – 25th October, 2015


Thailand is Promoted!

Two weeks ago, I wrote the following:

“It comes as no surprise to learn that Thailand has the third highest road accident fatality rate in the world. It is 38.1 deaths per 100,000 people.

Only the two war-ravaged, lawless, failed states of Iraq and Libya have higher death rates than Thailand.”

Now, according to the World Health Organisation, Thailand is not third, but second!! In the world league of road deaths.

In the entire known world, only Libya has a higher death rate.

I wonder what happened to Iraq? Maybe IS has killed them all…

The WHO tells us that 26% of all road deaths in Thailand can be attributed to alcohol, and as for seat belts, only 58% of drivers and 54% of front seat passengers use one.

Even worse, the helmet-wearing rate for motorcycles is only 20% for passengers and 52% for the drivers.

And in this horrifically accident-prone country, Phuket is officially the most dangerous province.

Phuket has the highest record of traffic accident reports in Thailand, with the number of people injured in traffic accidents at 4,953 per 100,000 and the death toll in Phuket is 72.04 per 100,000.

30.63 % of these deaths and injuries are from alcohol-related accidents.

And here’s silly me thinking that Pattaya was the worst.

All we ever get from successive Thai governments, whether elected or appointed, is the setting up of hundreds of roadblocks on high days and holidays which are manned by corrupt cops.

Such measures……..

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Platini’s Head on Blatter’s Platter

Woe is FIFA…..

plat 6

It seems almost incredible that after all the murky revelations that have surrounded the  governance of FIFA, and in particular Sepp Blatter’s utterly corrupt leadership of this unbelievably crooked organisation, that the English Football Association should continue to support Michel Platini and wish him well in ‘clearing his name.’

Long-term readers of my blog will know that I have ranted and railed against FIFA and Blatter for many years – long before it was fashionable to do so.

Since the proverbial ‘shit hit the fan’ back in May, I have stayed on the sidelines as there is such a thing as “information overkill”, and I have largely left it to the so-called professionals to update us this never-ending story.

But I cannot let the Platini issue to pass without making a few comments.

plat 1

Michel Platini was a French football superstar, who after retirement became a close friend and acolyte of Sepp Blatter. In return for his friendship and support,……

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Mobi’s Pics – UK 2015 (7)

Canon Hill Park – Birmingham


Continuing my series of photos taken in the UK earlier this year, the action now moves to the heart of Birmingham, where my eldest daughter lives.

One of the great things about England’s towns and cities is that despite the urban sprawl, there are always extensive parks hidden away, where residents can stroll and cast their cares and worries to the wind for an hour or so.

London and its vast suburbs are full of glorious parks, and Birmingham, England’s seco0nd City has an exceptionally beautiful park, barely 2 miles from the town centre. 

Cannon Hill Park is located in south Birmingham and is the most popular park in the city, covering 250 acres of grass, lakes conservation areas, woodland and sports areas.

Here are some of the photos I took last June.

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MAB mini pic

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