Mobi’s Mob Have Moved!


Mobi’s Latest Book – AZZY – The Countdown Begins!


“The Six wives of Mobi D’Ark: Book One: AZZY” will be published on Amazon Kindle on 16th November, 2015 at the low price of £1.99 / $2.99.

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Mobi’s Mob have Moved!

Yes folks, after five long, and highly eventful years at Lakeside Village, my little family and I have found ourselves a new home.

We have rented a lovely little house with a nice kitchen, dining room and lounge downstairs and three decent sized bedrooms upstairs. And a decent sized garden for the dogs to run around in and for Lek to grow her Thai vegs and herbs.

We are still near the Lake so will be able to take evening strolls along the lakeside, as before.

It is the corner house in a line of five similar houses and we are surrounded on three sides by open fields. The breezes blowing across the open land tend to keep the house lovely and cool.

We have only been here for a few days and we are still surrounded by boxes, but I have a feeling that we will be very happy here.

Looking back over these past five years, it seems barely possible that so much has happened. Here was I, thinking that as I entered my mid-late sixties, the pace of life would slow down a little, yet far from it. Here’s just just some of  the headline events that have  occurred in my life since I moved back to Mabprachan from Jomtien:-

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“On Writing”…Lolita

To any budding writers out there, I thoroughly recommend Steven King’s book, “On Writing”. It is partly anecdotal, and relates the interesting story of how he rose from a struggling writer, barely earning enough to put food on the table, to one of the most successful writers of our age. It is an inspiring story, by any standards.

The second half of his book gets down to the ‘nitty-gritty’ of writing and is packed with excellent tips and advice.

One of his ‘messages’, which I was intrigued to read, was that generally speaking, creative writing schools are a waste of time and achieve nothing. This was a comfort to me, as I have always had grave doubts about their value. I have always felt you either ‘have it’ or you haven’t, and no amount of writing schools or creative writing lectures is going to change a hack writer into a great writer.

However, the large list of valuable tips he gives in his book, (for example, when to use passive verbs and always use direct dialogue rather than reported dialogue etc ), is great advice which can only make for a better novel and will make his/her work more saleable to the reading public.

I was quite chuffed to note that I was already applying many of his ‘tips’ to my own writing and I was particularly pleased to read that by far and away his strongest…

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