“A Bee Can Bite The Bottom Of Mobi In Pong.” – 27th September, 2015


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“A Bee Can Bite The Bottom Of Mobi In Pong.”

(With apologies to “Little People” from Les Misérables – the musical)

A few days ago I sat on a bee which, for some unholy reason, happened to be sitting on my sofa. The bloody thing stung me through my shorts into my right buttock.  

All the family thought it was hilarious – even the dogs seemed to join in the joke.

Thai bees look more like large flies than bees, but boy do they punch a powerful sting!

I don’t know why, but when the bee bit me on my bum, it put me in mind of a song from Les Misérables, (now sadly, removed). In particular, the line: “A flea can bite the bottom of the Pope in Rome”‘Les Mis’ fans will know what I mean…

It was effing painful! It took several hours for the pain to recede and all the while Lek and the kids laughed at me. At least Lek, in between paroxysms of mirth – put some Tiger Balm on the inflamed area. Whether it helped or not is debatable.

After two days, the sting was still inflamed and was itching like mad. I walked around all day scratching my arse.

“Don’t worry,” Lek told me, still smiling, “if it is itching, it’s nearly at an end.”

She was right.


“Suspend All Traffic Laws!” Say The Good Citizens Of Pattaya.

Yes, truly, it could only happen in Pattaya.

While everyone busied themselves cleaning up their shops and houses after the recent floods, the local business community decided to stage a protest at Pattaya City Hall.

What do you think the protest was about?

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Mobi’s Pics – UK 2015 (4)


This week, I am returning to the  photographs I took during our trip to the UK back in June, and I now have pleasure in publishing batch number 4.

As you can see, they were taken during a breezy and quite chilly afternoon trip to the West End of London.

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MAB mini pic

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