Mobi’s Latest Book – AZZY – Coming soon!

Mobi’s Latest Book – AZZY – Coming soon!


“The Six wives of Mobi D’Ark: Book One: AZZY” will be published on Amazon Kindle on 16th November, 2015 at the low price of £1.99 / $2.99.

Watch for special promotional offers over the coming weeks.


“Azzy” is the first of six novels in a series dedicated to “The six wives of Mobi D’Ark”.

The novels are based on the life and times of a heavy drinking, much wedded and much-travelled English adventurer, who caroused and debauched his way across four continents, making and losing several fortunes along the way.

Mobi married his first wife in 1970, and his sixth wife, forty-four years later, in 2014.

In this, the first novel of the series, it is 1969 and the young adventurer flees from his new life in North America and decides to take a job working for the oil industry in West Africa. It is a time when Nigeria was still adjusting to its post-colonial era and is in the throes of a bloody civil war.

Nigeria is Mobi’s home for the next two and half years and this is where he belatedly experiences his sexual awakening and has many erotic adventures, before – and after – meeting the sensuous, hot-blooded, volatile Azzy, a gorgeous young black girl from the bars of Lagos.

They set up home in the war-ravaged, ‘wild west’ town of Port Harcourt, and during the next two years, the couple have a stormy relationship which leads to many hair-raising adventures, and unexpected consequences.

“Azzy” is a tale of whimsy, sex, drama, violence, black magic and cliff-hanging adventures.

Mobi’s sexual awakening, his brushes with African Juju and his skirmishes with the out of control military are all graphically described in a tale which the reader will find hard to put down.


During the writing of this novel, three dedicated and knowledgeable readers of fiction, (two men and one woman), have kindly read every word I have written and gave me wonderful feedback and suggestions on how to improve the text.

The final version received emthusuatic ‘thumbs up’ from all three ‘readers’.

I have pleasure in setting out below the email received by one of them, who is a retired teacher of English Literature and runs a creative writing group here in Pattaya. Here is what he wrote:

Hi Mobi

I’ve just finished ‘Azzy’ and it’s fantastic.

You’ve really made the most of the extraordinary (extreme!) environment of 1960s-70s Nigeria and the surreal clash of cultures, both of which give you ample material for conflict and surprises which are the essence of good fiction.

Your bringing scenes to life through dialogue is as sharp and believable as ever, and your descriptive passages are, I think, even stronger than I remember, very vivid and sensuous. From the first impressions on arriving, right through to the description of the Peckham house at the end, you take the reader with you into the heart of the world you’re re-creating.

Scenes I thought particularly came alive were:

1) Part I chapter 18 ‘Home Sweet Home’, the amusing negotiating about the house.

2) Part II chapters 23, 24: alternating the past tense narrative with stream-of-consciousness in the jailhouse – excellent teasing of the reader, building his/her dread at what’s coming.

3) Part III: flashbacks of the child’s memories of the violent father – truly horrifying especially for this reader who (like most, I imagine) was lucky enough to have a completely different childhood. These are completely relevant in preparing us for the antagonism of him with Azzy, and her subsequent breakdown.

4) Part III: the Billy incident – the way Mobi has to resolve his own conflicted feelings to do the right thing, even at the expense of going without a “good time”.

There must be other fiction set in that country, in that period – but very little, I imagine, focussing so clear-sightedly, and so immediately, on the chaotic personal experience of expats, which is probably as true a lens as any.

All in all, I have to say that my experience of the book, now that I’ve seen the whole thing, is a lot stronger than my first impressions earlier – it seems more solid, more nuanced and yet pitches forward with great power through the events it tells. No doubt your two faithful critics were very helpful in supporting you to achieve this. I have no doubt that it’s ready for publication, and will I hope attract a lot of fee-paying readers!

Congratulations on your achievement!


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