Mobi’s Blog is Back!

Flood Proof


Mobi’s Blog is Back!

Better late than never, although I must admit at one point I didn’t even think I would make a start on it today – let alone finish it – but more of that later.

Putting the finish touches to editing my book  took longer than expected. I wrote in my last blog that I thought I was all finished, but that was before I discovered a wonderful piece of software that gives new meaning to editing by computer.

Not only did this software track down spelling and grammatical errors (while also pointing out where I had switched between English and US spelling), but it also listed punctuation errors, bad writing style, (passive verbs etc), clichés, repeated words, over -long sentences and much more besides.

I spent over two weeks, 10 hours a day, putting my ‘product’ through this software, 3,000 words at a time and then trawling through the generated error reports.

It was a very time-consuming task as the software cannot distinguish between genuine errors/mistakes and text that is okay, but doesn’t follow normal writing conventions for one  reason or another.

I would say that between 10-20% of the errors generated – mainly missing punctuation and over-long sentences – required correction. But I had to plough through all of the reports, just to find the real errors.

So it was with some relief that on 15th September, I was able to deliver the final file to my PR company in the UK who will be launching a promotion campaign. The publication of the book is currently targeted for 15th November, so that gives us two months to promote. More on all this in subsequent blogs.


A week in the life of Mobi

It’s been such a tumultuous week that I hardly know where to begin.

Vamco strikes! – The Great Pattaya Floods of 2015

Tropical Storm Vamco created havoc in Thailand mid-week and resulted in severe flooding and storm damage to many parts of the country.

Here on the Eastern Seaboard, Pattaya City was declared a disaster zone after the…

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Mobi’s Pics

I have devoted This week’s Mobi Pics to a collection of photos taken by the good people of Pattaya and posted in local forums. I think it provides a reasonable impression of the state of affairs at the height of the floods.

The pic of a house interior and the car on the roadside belong to my friend, whose posts are quoted in this week’s Mobi-Babble.

Click Here to View: “Mobi-Pics – The Great Pattaya Floods of 2015”

MAB mini pic

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  1. Hi Mobile, what is the name of this fabulous editing software you used? Sounds like something my girlfriend might be interested in…


    1. Ah yes.. those were the days…..

      What happened? Well, all has been faithfully recorded in the annals of this blog….

      Quit the booze…married a lovely lady… lost all my money… and much more have all conspired to bring me to where I am today… sober, older, wiser, poorer and happier….


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