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‘Azzy’ progress report

I feel a like I’m climbing up a hill; the higher I climb, the higher the hill seems to get.

So far, I have edited my latest novel, Azzy – line by line,no less than  three times, and I’m now half way through my fourth edit. What kind of frustrates me is the fact that I am making more changes to the text on my fourth edit than I did on my first.

The earlier edits were mainly concerned with correcting  obvious errors in the prose. The later edits, particularly the current one, is much more about the quality of the prose.

As I read and re-read each sentence, I ask myself: Is there a better way to say the same thing?  Quite often, the answer is ‘yes’.

Also, as I read and re-read, I often come to the realisation that a phrase within a sentence or even an entire sentence is actually superfluous – that I am only repeating something already stated or it simply doesn’t add to the general progress of the story and of its protagonists.

I now understand why the editing stage is so important and why it can take so long to complete properly. 

I will be honest – I have never spent anywhere near this amount of time editing my previous work and I now realise that that the quality of my finished product must have suffered accordingly.

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Mobi’s Pics – UK 2015 (3)


Here is the third batch of photos that I took on my recent trip to the UK.

They were taken at the small resort of Ferring, in West Sussex which is about 4 miles along the south coast from the major resort of Worthing. Ferring has been home for one of my cousins for many years, so  on a sunny, but slightly windy Sunday afternoon back in June, a few of the family met up there for a very pleasant get together.

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MAB mini pic

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