Magic Mushrooms?




Magic Mushrooms?

Yesterday, Lek and the kids woke up the unholy hour of 4 a.m. and took off to the wilds of Chanthaburi, a province some 180 kms east of Pattaya – about a 3-hour drive.

Chanthaburi is famous for the excellence of its durian fruit, and Lek has been there on several occasions to gather those ever-popular, but foul-smelling fruit and bring some home to eat.

But on this occasion it was mushrooms. My wife is pretty crazy about Durians, but she is a total fanatic when it comes to mushrooms. Everywhere we went in England, particularly when we were out in the countryside, she would look for mushrooms.

It transpires that Chanthaburi is also famous for its mushrooms. They grow wild in the jungle and can only be found once a year for about two weeks. These mushrooms are very special mushrooms, quite rare and are extremely expensive to buy in the market – a bit like truffles, not that I know what a truffle tastes like.

The Thai name is het-khon, and the Thais use them as an ingredient in all kinds of Thai delicacies.

She told me that before she went into the jungle, she made a vow to herself that if she found any het-khon, she would genuflect three times to the Buddhist spirits.

And so it came to pass. She walked about ½ kilometer into the Chanthaburi jungle

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Mobi’s Pics – UK 2015 (1)

Here are the first batch of photos that I took on my recent trip to the UK.

These were taken at Sheffield Park, in East Sussex. The park is a gloriously informal landscape garden/park, with rare mature trees and shrubs, dramatic seasonal flower shows and no less than 4 lakes.

Well worth a visit if you are down that way.

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MAB mini pic

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