Hooray! The first Draft of my Latest Novel “Azzy” is Complete!


Silverlake Vineyards


The rain has pretty much disappeared and it’s been getting hotter and hotter – in fact, it’s bloody hot! It’s not as bad as India, where they’re dying like flies in temperatures of 50°, but, out here by the Lake, it is as close to 40° as makes no difference and we’re all sweltering.

Mercifully, unlike Pattaya City, as soon as the sun goes down, the temperature drops to the high 20’s, which is much more tolerable.

On two occasions in the past few days, I’ve gone into my bedroom in the middle of the afternoon and turned on the air conditioner. Within a few minutes, I was joined by Lek, the two kids and three dogs. And here’s me thinking the Thais were all used to it!

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The Six Wives of Mobi D’Ark: Book One; “Azzy”

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I have now finished the first complete draft of my new novel.

To read all the previous draft chapters, click below:-

The Six Wives of Mobi D’Ark: Book One; “Azzy” – Draft chapters completed as at 17th May, 2015.


Today I am publishing Chapters three, four and five, of Part Three of the novel, plus the Epilogue. Enjoy them while you can…..

(Please note the draft novel in its entirety will be removed on 30th June, 2015.)


Chapter Three


“Mobi! You forgot to duck again.”

Pete took one look at me and made the same action with his fist that he had made when I had been beaten up by the soldiers, several months ago.

I was sitting opposite Pete Hammonds, the new Port Harcourt manager who had replaced Mike Kruger. It was two weeks since Azzy had given me a black eye and a nasty cut under my right eye,

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