Election Aftermath – WTF Happened?





It’s been a bit of hectic week for me. Along with prioritising my novel in an effort to have the first draft completed before I go to the UK in early June, I have also been checking up my medical situation to ensure that I don’t die in the process….

Medical matters – (skip this part if it bores you)

I’m joking, of course, (about dying), but it’s now three years, almost to the day, since I had my aortic valve replaced with a metal one…..

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The Election Aftermath – WTF Happened?

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Firstly, my apologies for a rambling, overlong article on the election in my blog, two weeks ago, which upon review, lacked proper focus. (Nobody has complained – I just know it, as I am my own, severest critic).

I wonder how many of my readers made it through to the end….?

But I did get the result more or less correct – I said that the Tories would have the most seats, possibly enough to govern more or less alone. Nobody, not even the Tories themselves dreamed that they would actually obtain a small working overall majority, so well done to Mobi for beating most, if not all the political pundits.

Why did all the opinion polls get it so wrong?

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The Six Wives of Mobi D’Ark: Book One; “Azzy



As I have written in Mobi-Babble, I’m now on the last leg of my novel and I hope to have the first draft completed before I go to the UK at the end of this month.

Today I am publishing the first two draft chapters of Part Three of the novel, which are set in the UK. I hope you enjoy them.

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