Mobi’s UK Election Special – Read All About It!


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Songkran is at long last behind us for another year, (phew!… it only lasted about 3 weeks…) and I’ve posted some final Songkran photos (above) of Lek and Song when they went out to play at the lake, just down the road from our home.

My apologies for the lack of my blog last week. I hope you appreciate that for now my book must take priority, so it is likely that my ‘once a fortnight blog’ policy will continue for the foreseeable future, at least until the book is finished.

My best estimates at the moment are that it will be ready for publication at the end of August, early September. (More about the book below.)

Lek and I are becoming excited about our forthcoming trip to the old country. She has now received her tourist visa, (no easy feat these days), and all systems are ‘go’….

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“Ed the Red?” or “Call me Dave”? – The Nation Awaits.

ed miliband


I have followed UK politics for most of my adult life and in recent years, I have also taken a more than passing interest in American politics.

In my late teens, I supported Harold Wilson’s Labour party as I had grown up in the 1950’s when the Tories ruled the roost, and like most of the younger generation at that time, I yearned for something different.

After 6 patchy years of Labour government, I was a lukewarm supporter of the Tory government under Heath from 1970-74, and when Heath went to the country for new mandate, I was content when Labour returned to power.

In 1979, when Labour lost their overall majority during the so-called winter of discontent, I became a supporter of capitalist Thatcher as she embarked on her much-heralded drive to bring the country back to economic prosperity and re-assert its place at the forefront of world events.

The 1980’s was the decade when I returned to the UK from the far flung corners of the known world and settled into my 17 year career as a capitalist ‘fat cat’ in the city of London…

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The Six Wives of Mobi D’Ark: Book One; “Azzy”



I mentioned recently that I was on a roll with my book, and I now have pleasure in publishing chapters 7 and 8 of ‘part two’ of the novel.

These two chapters bring ‘part two’ to a conclusion and I have now started work on ‘part three’, which is set partly in the UK and partly back in Nigeria – (both Port Harcourt and Lagos.)

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  1.  Hi Mobi, I just read with interest your latest instalment – 6 wives- It’s a great read…thankyou.   I’m not reading with any intent to edit, but this one stuck out which may have been missed..I don’t think it should be “Thailand”. Keep well, On the way home, it suddenly occurred to me that maybe Joseph had played some part in all this.  It was only yesterday that he had told me that he was quite sure that Mike would be leaving Thailand very soon, and he was right.

    Stuart Box


    1. Thank you Stewart – for your kind words and for spotting the error – which is now corrected.

      Where would I be without my readers’ eagle eyes?



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