The All-American bitch….and other stories

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I’m sitting down to start this blog on the afternoon of Saturday, 18th April, and all being well I’ll be wrapping it up tomorrow – Sunday, April 19th.

We are finally seeing the back of the Songkran Festival which officially commenced on 13th April  and officially runs for two additional days.

So things should have returned to normal last Thursday, but this is Thailand, and things don’t always go as you might reasonably expect.

For many Thais, Songkran is the biggest holiday of the year and thousands upon thousands flock back to their village homes from all corners of the country to celebrate with their families. The mass departure commenced on Thursday, 10th April and many people will not return to their places of work / living until this current weekend.

By far and away the largest exodus is from Bangkok where hundreds of extra buses are laid on to ensure all travellers are able to reach their homes on time.

Songkran is a time for throwing water, a time for drinking and a time for dying.

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 The All-American bitch….and other stories

hilary 2

I note with much sorrow that Hilary Clinton has thrown her hat into the ring to become the Democratic presidential candidate for next year’s general election.

Barring some as yet unexposed major scandal, or a ‘banana-skin’ of such huge proportions that not even the democrat-supporting media can sweep it under the carpet, it is a foregone conclusion that Hilary will win the Democrat Party’s nomination next year.

The deep and acrimonious divisions in the Republican party will almost certainly guarantee they come up with the wrong candidate which means that Hilary will be odds-on favourite to become the 45th president of ‘The Most Powerful Nation on Earth’.

Long-time followers of my blog will know that I am not a fan of Barack Obama. In my humble opinion, I read him accurately when he was still a lowly presidential candidate.

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The Six Wives of Mobi D’Ark: Book One; “Azzy”


The good news is that I have now completed two more draft chapters of my novel, which I have pleasure in publishing below.

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