No Mobi-Blog for Songkran…..

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Sorry folks, as I warned a few weeks back, it will not be always possible to publish a full blog every week until my novel is finished.

However, I will continue to do my utmost to publish at least once a fortnight, (every two weeks), although I am not even sure that I will be able to stick to that during my trip to the UK in June.

This past week has not been very conducive to creative writing, as my daughter didn’t leave until late last Monday evening and since then, we have been battered by almost daily thunderstorms together with long power-cuts, one of which lasted almost the whole day.

I did try to press on by battery and candlelight, but it wasn’t easy and in the end even the batteries gave out.

The one chapter that I had been trying to get back on schedule, has now blossomed into two chapters and I will do my very best to publish them both next weekend, along with a full blog about this and that.

Here in sunny Thailand, Songkran, (Thai New Year), is upon us, and it’s looking like the tropical storms will continue to disrupt the water celebrations, during what is normally a very hot, very dry, time of year.

Climate change anyone???


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  1. Hi Mobi, We left pattaya a week ago, we had some storms but missed the last one I have never seen anything like it in Thailand. Climate change? Hope your IBS is getting better.
    Sorry to hear about grandma Noosin. Tom.


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