Probably The Best Short-time Street in the World….

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In Northern Thailand – on their way to Vietnamese kitchens – read about it in Mobi-babble

It’s definitely warming up in Pattaya and I’m starting to get quite sweaty when I take my Labrador, Mickey, for his evening walk around the lake, even though the sun is setting and there is no direct sunlight.

But the early mornings and evenings are still quite pleasant, and although the humidity is rising, it is still much cooler and less humid than downtown Pattaya City.

Due to a prolonged drought, Mabprachan Lake has worryingly shrunk to about one-third of its normal size, but the plus side is that the newly exposed riverbanks have provided some wonderful walking areas for residents – especially us folk with dogs.

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Probably The Best Short-time Street in the world….

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On Friday I went for my regular ‘Writers group’ meeting at a condo just off beach Road and afterwards, a few of us adjourned to Soi six for a bit of lunch and a bit of an ogle.

For those of you unfamiliar with Pattaya, Soi six, (or Soi Yodsak), is one of the most infamous streets in an already infamous town. It runs between Beach Road and Second Road, a distance of maybe half a mile, and both sides of the narrow lane are jam-packed with ‘short time’ bars.

What makes this particular Soi so infamous is the fact that not only are all the bars up and running before noon, but each bar has literally dozens of working girls, most of whom sit outside the bar on benches and stools, shouting out to the pedestrians in a frantic effort to entice them inside.

These girls are barely decent, (in their attire and probably in most other regards…) and I guarantee that a short walk along this lane will provide a visual feast of scantily clad young women like no other.

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The Six Wives of Mobi D’Ark: Book One; “Azzy”

black-beautiful-19To read all the previous draft chapters, click below:-

 The Six Wives of Mobi D’Ark: Book One; “Azzy” – Draft chapters completed as at 8th March, 2015.


Now for the new chapter….

Below is the completed draft of  Part Two – Chapter Three of my new novel.


Part Two – Port Harcourt

Chapter Three


“Hello Mobi,” she said, a broad smile spreading across her achingly beautiful face.

“Azzy! What are you doing here?” I asked, foolishly.

“You not come back to Lagos like you promise, so I come see you.”

“B…but… how did you know you would find me?”

“You na here – isn’t it?”

“Yes… but what if I didn’t come to the airport? How would you find me?”

“Mobi – I sabi you be at de airport.”

“How? It’s impossible – I only decided to come at the last moment.”

“I dun tol’ you already, I sabi you be here. I go see my uncle. He be Orunmila – witch Doctor – he dun Ju-Ju.  Him make you be here, Mobi!”

“That’s ridiculous – it’s rubbish!”

“How rubbish?” You here, abi?”

“Yes, but… it’s got nothing to do with your uncle….How long are you going to stay?”

“Yes, but… it’s got nothing to do with your uncle….How long are you going to stay?”

“Who dis?” she asked, ignoring my question and pointing to Rod.

“Oh… this is Rod, he works with me…Azzy – what’re doing here?”

“You dun tell me big fib. You wayo…You say you come back in two weeks! How many weeks since you be gone?”

I had lost count, but it was way more than two. “I don’t know, Azzy, I’m…s…sorry… I couldn’t go back to Lagos – my boss wouldn’t let me.”

“Why you not sen me letter? I been waiting for you in Lagos – long time.”

I didn’t know what to say, and Rod was staring at her as though his eyes would pop out of his head. If anything, she was looking more desirable than ever, in a tightly fitting pink top and micro mini-skirt, which showed off her gorgeous legs to perfection. Or maybe it was a case of absence made Mobi even hornier….

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