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Sorry about the break in service last week, although I must confess that I’m serious considering changing my weekly blog to a fortnightly blog  (two weekly), at least until my novel is finished. Right now, I find I never seem to get away from my computer, and when I do take a day the odd off to go to Bangkok to see my doctor and then my novel suffers and starts to get behind schedule.

I know that the schedule is self-imposed, but it is a good discipline to keep me going, and when I fail to meet my own expectations it puts more pressure on me which leads to yet more stress.

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“Azzy” – The Novel

As I inferred in Mobi-Babble above, the schedule has slipped a little on my novel and I will not be publishing a new chapter this week. Although I have completed the first draft of my next chapter it needs a few more days work before it is a fit state to be  published on my blog.


TIGER! Tiger! Burning Bright


Tiger, tiger, burning bright 

In the forests of the night,      

What immortal hand or eye   

Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

(William Blake. 1757–1827)

Last year, we took my youngest daughter and her husband on a short trip to Kanchanaburi. During that trip, I deliberately avoided going to the famous, so-called “Tiger temple” (Wat Pa Luang Ta Bua). I had read that the place was an enormous rip-off. The entrance fees were extortionate and tourists were cajoled into paying small fortunes to be photographed with or near captive tigers.

But more than this, I have long ago come to learn that training wild animals, such as tigers and elephants to perform to the public involves a high level of cruelty.

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Mobi’s Moscars – The Aftermath.

My tips for Oscars were only 50% correct as I misread the academy’s preference for Birdman over Boyhood – both of which were very well received in the critical circles.

I am saddened by the elevation of Birdman, as although I wasn’t a huge fan of Boyhood, it least it was a reasonably entertaining film, but Birdman was the biggest load of self-obsessed, narcissistic garbage, without a single funny line throughout the entire, boring movie, that I think I have ever had the dubious pleasure of watching.

It only goes to confirm my contention that the people who vote for Oscars – mainly the Hollywood-acting community – along with the sycophantic critics, are all so wrapped up in their own little world of make-believe that they truly think such rubbish about a failing, mean-spirited, egotistical 63-year old actor who has treated his family like shit, is either entertaining – or great art.

So what if it looks like the film was shot in one continuous take, (even though it wasn’t) – Who the sweet F… cares????

Hollywood, and the film industry in general, exist because the movie-going public pay huge amounts of money to go and see their movies. It is the movie- going public that makes multi-millionaires out of movie stars and movie production houses.

Yet they can’t seem to get it into their self-satisfied little brains that nobody – except them – wants to see movies like Birdman.

If you don’t believe me – look at the facts. According to ‘Fortune’, Birdman is one of the lowest-grossing Oscar Best Picture winners of all time, with only one best picture from the past four decades making less money.

I still think it is absolutely beyond all reason that Selma didn’t win, along with the other top Oscars: best director, best actors and so on.

My God, why are these so-called bleeding heart, left-wing liberals so breathtakingly hypocritical? They’d rather luxuriate in their own clever little world of make believe than give due recognition a brilliant film that educates (and entertains) America about one of the most important events in it’s somewhat tainted history.

It seems to me that that the African-Americans still have far to go in their struggle for full equality and for equal respect, when the white, Hollywood luvvies prefer crap like Birdman over the magnificent and inspiring Selma.

That is why there will be no more Mobi-Moscars….


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