The Six Wives of Mobi D’Ark: Azzy – A New Chapter…


Sorry folks, as expected, there has been no time to write a full blog this week , partly due to my trip to Bangkok for medical reasons, and also the need to get another draft chapter of my novel completed.

The original draft was completed last Thursday, but after some feedback by some kind souls who are reading it as I go along, I had to do some extensive re-writing over the weekend.

To those who are reading my novel, I hope you enjoy this latest chapter, and all being well, I’ll be publishing a full blog next weekend.


The Six Wives of Mobi D’Ark: Book One; “Azzy”



The completed draft of the entire Part One of my novel can be found by clicking the link below:-

“Azzy”: Introduction, Prologue, and Part One – Lagos


Azzy – Part Two, Chapter One.

Below is the newly completed draft of  Part Two – Chapter One of my new novel.


Part Two – Port Harcourt

Chapter One


February, 1970

The civil war in Nigeria ended in mid-January 1970.  The dusk to dawn curfew had been lifted, but the country was still very much in the grip of the army. The road network throughout the south, mid-west and eastern parts of the country had been devastated by almost three years of bitter fighting and any journey from the capital into these regions was subject to interminable delays. To make matters worse, the military roadblocks that had been set up across the country were yet to be dismantled.

In theory, the first leg of our journey to Benin City, a distance of a hundred and sixty miles, should have been relatively plain sailing. 

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