Cowgirls crack dicks

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We are continuing to enjoy the most pleasant time of year in Pattaya.

So far, we haven’t had any really cold snaps, when the temperatures can drop into the low teens (Celsius), but it is nevertheless quite cool for Thailand, with afternoon temperatures  rarely going much above the mid-twenties, and by early evening, we don’t even need a fan when we sit down to watch a bit of TV.

How long this will last is anyone’s guess as it varies year by year, but hopefully it will remain cool for all of February before it starts heating up in mid-March as we once more approach the long hot summer.

My memory is probably playing tricks with me, but this the driest summer I can recall since moving to Pattaya from Bangkok over ten years ago. The level of the lake is very low and the grass hardly grows.  All the green undergrowth that borders the lake has largely turned a parched shade of brown and the local  council workers haven’t been out for ages to cut it back. It just hasn’t grown.

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Cowgirls crack dicks

Sorry to be so crude, but I’m afraid it’s true

I bet most of you male readers out there didn’t even know that it’s possible to break your beloved penis…

The “Woman on top” position – commonly referred to as the ‘cowgirl’ is the most dangerous sex position, according to a new scientific study, and is responsible for half of all penile fractures that take pace in the bedroom.

The research also revealed that the “doggy-style” position, with women on all fours, is responsible for 29 per cent of penis fractures.

In contrast, the traditional “man on top”, (missionary position), is responsible for just 21 per cent.

Doctors and academics looked at patients attending three A&E units with suspected “penile fractures” over a 13 year period, and half of them reported hearing a crack before experiencing pain, with some also suffering swelling.


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Mobi’s Moscars (Part 5)

I’m not 100% sure, but I kind of get the impression that a majority of my readers are not particularly interested in my movie reviews; that is,  if I understand my ‘view stats’ correctly, 

Come to think of it, there are so many people out there reviewing movies – from the professionals, down to rank amateurs (I include myself in this category), I am hardly providing anything particularly original to a journalistic genre that is already overflowing with writers.

There are so many other topics that I can write about where I can maybe offer a fresh perspective, so maybe I should stick to those.

So this may be my last years of Mobi’s Moscars – unless there is an overwhelming demand to the contrary, but I will finish what I started, and then gracefully bow out.

I don’t rule out writing the occasional review of a movie or TV programme in the future – as I have always done that from time to time when I have seen 

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The Six Wives of Mobi D’Ark:Book One; “Azzy”

Nigerian Dreamgirl

Here is my latest draft of Chapter four. 

(Drafts of the Prologue and Chapters 1 -3 can be found  HERE)

Chapter Four

“Come on Mobi – make up your bloody mind, it’s getting late!”

The problem was I had far too much choice. I looked at all the girls who were scattered around the nightclub, either dancing or chatting with each other at the bar.

“I don’t know Ian, I need to chat with one of them and see if we hit it off okay.

“Chat with them!! You’re going to fuck’em – not marry them! What does it matter? – just choose one you fancy.”

I glanced at my watch. “It’s only eleven thirty – the night is young.”

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