Mobi’ Moscars (Part 4); and “Azzy”-Chapters 1-3

Somchai, Yoghurt & Micky
Somchai, Yoghurt & Micky


I’m not going to babble much today as I’ve devoted this week’s blog to no less than three movie reviews and also the publication of the prologue and first three chapters of my new novel.

More updates on the life and times of Mobi next week, and in the meantime I hope you enjoy the blog.


Mobi’s Moscars (Part 4)

I’m writing three reviews this week, as I want to ensure I review at least all the ‘best picture’ nominations before the Oscar winners are announced on the 22nd February…

…and I want to announce my Mobi’s Moscar winners first….

I have to say that while I was somewhat out of step with the various award bodies last year, (with the nominations of such uninspiring, mediocre films as The Wolf on Wall Street and American Hustle), this year, things seem to have progressed from bad to worse.

Two films, which would not be on any list that I might put together are: “Birdman” and “The Grand Budapest Hotel” . Yet these two lead the field with nine Oscar nominations each, followed by “The Imitation Game” with eight.

I reviewed ‘Grand Budapest’ last week, and while by no means a dud, in my humble opinion, is nothing particularly special, is not very funny  and is undeserving of all the accolades it has received.

Today I will review Birdman, The imitation Game and Selma.


I’m really sorry folks, but I found this movie a piece of self-indulgent nonsense made by a totally self-absorbed industry and reviewed by totally self-absorbed movie ‘insiders’, who think that the world at large are interested in their own egotistical torments.

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‘The Six Wives of Mobi D’Ark; Book One – “Azzy”


Nigerian Dreamgirl

Here is the revised prologue and the first three chapters of my new novel. This replaces the original manuscript, (containing prologue and chapter one), that I posted on 21st December. To those who like to read my creative writing, I suggest you start over, as the story has been changed in some fundamental ways.

I made the revisions after receiving some critical comments from my ‘writers group’ and I am now pleased to say that my two main ‘mentors’ are now much happier with my writing. In particular they have made me see that my writing had a tendency to be overly ‘wordy’ and often repetitive.

I think I have now seen the light and I believe my writing is now much more concise and flows better.

I do hope you agree, and as ever, your comments, good and bad, are always welcome.

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