“Corruptions Unlimited”



We drove back from Nong Khai last Tuesday, leaving the guest house at 6 am. with the rear of our Triton pick-up jam-packed with Issan  goodies of one kind or another. No doubt they will all be used in Lek’s home cooking over the next few weeks.

It was a trouble free, 9 hour run, and we arrived back safe and sound at 3 pm on the dot, which was pretty good going considering we had any number of toilet,  fuel and – of course – food stops along the way.

What’s more, we even stayed within the speed limit throughout the journey, so no kick-backs for Thailand’s impecunious constabulory, many of whom tend to lurk along the road to and from Korat

I’m slightly ashamed to admit that I sit back and let Lek do all the driving these days. (That’s why we never break the speed limit). She is such a competent and safe driver, and quite frankly my driving skills are not quite what they once were on the roads of Thailand – signs of ageing I guess.

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“Corruptions Unlimited”

The World of Dirty Football

I see that at long last someone has had the guts to stand against Sepp Blatter in the forthcoming election for president of FIFA.

It never ceases to amaze me how this utterly corrupt man and his outrageously corrupt organisation has been allowed to run the world’s largest sport for the past 12 years.

If there is anything that is a total disgrace on the world’s sporting stage, then this is it.

Frankly, Lance Armstrong’s drug crimes pale in comparison.

The whole world – and certainly the football representatives of all those countries who have supported Blatter for so long – know full well just how corrupt both he and his FIFA ruling committee are, yet they continue to keep him in office.


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Mobi’s Moscars  (Part 3)

Mike Lee is one of my favourite directors and Timothy Spall is one of my all-time favourite actors.

These two recently collaborated in the bio-pic, “Mr Turner” which resulted in the best actor award for Spall at the Cannes Film festival and has received unanimous, rapturous acclaim from the entire contingent of European film critics.

I admit that I have yet to see this film, but I will eat my hat if I don’t agree with the critics on this one. Amazingly – the film has been almost totally ignored by the BAFTA awards committee who announced their nominations yesterday.

What makes it worse is that the BAFTA nominations are dominated by films such as The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Theory of Everything, Boyhood and The Imitation Game.

 I have yet to see The Imitation Game, but I have seen The Theory  of everything and Grand Budapest and while they were both ‘not too bad’, as far as this reviewer is concerned, they both fell short of being BAFTA or Oscar material – and certainly not worthy of being one of Mobi’s Moscars candidates.

First off….

The Grand Budapest Hotel

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MAB mini pic

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