The Oscars are a-coming

Lek & Friends at our Christmas Day Lunch
Lek & Friends at our Christmas Day Lunch


How was your Christmas Dinner?

Plenty of turkey, stuffing roast potatoes and Brussel sprouts and gravy, I hope?

I wish I could say the same.

A friend suggested that we join him, his wife and daughter at a local restaurant where they were putting on the usual Christmas fayre.

The five of us all duly assembled at the restaurant a little past 1 pm to find there was already quite a crowd who had been drawn there by the restaurant’s good reputation and very reasonable prices.

I had thought that it would be a waitress served meal but it turned out to be a buffet, which I don’t particularly like. But never mind, the one advantage of a buffet is that I can go back for seconds and thirds if I am still hungry.

Unfortunately it wasn’t exactly the best Christmas turkey meal I have ever had – in fact I can’t really recall a worse one, certainly not in Thailand.

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The Oscars are a-coming


Long-time readers will know that each year I try to review all the Oscar-nominated films and actors, and try to predict who will win.(Or at any rate, say who I think SHOULD win.)

The 2015 Oscar nominations are yet to be announced, but we do have the nominations for the Golden Globe awards, so this year I decided to a steal march and start early, as many of the Golden Glove nominations will be also be nominated for Oscars.

This week, I will commence with a review of one of the films that has received multiple Golden Globe nominations and will certainly feature highly in the Oscar nominations.


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