It’s Grandpa Mobi!


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It’s Grandpa Mobi!

Yes folks – its official – I’m now Grandpa Mobi

My youngest daughter – Samantha – gave birth to her first child, Benjamin, on 14th December in England. Mother and son are both fine, as is Granddad. It seems difficult to believe at my time of life, but as far as I am aware – this is my first grandchild.

I wonder what kind of a world the poor kid is going to grow up in. Well he has a good start with a wonderful mum and Dad, and a reprobate for a grandfather, so maybe between us we will be able to provide him with the ammunition to survive and succeed in this mad, crazy 21st century world of ours.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Benjy, may all your days be happy and may you have a wonderful life.

I don’t know whether it was because of my relief that it all had gone well with my daughter’s delivery, but I must say that this weekend I feel refreshed and energised to return to my blog after a two week break.

But I haven’t been idle.  

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Nordic ‘Noir’ Conquers All!

The Legacy

Long-time readers of my blog will know that I am an avid fan of Scandinavian TV dramas – such as The Killing, Wallander, The Bridge , Bergen and even Arne Dhal. They are all incredibly good TV drama shows that leave most American and British dramas crumbling in their wake.

The most recent addition to this incredible list is a new Danish drama entitled ‘The Legacy'( ‘Arvingerne’), currently being shown on Sky Arts in the UK.

This latest Scandi-production, like ‘Bergen’ before it, is not a police drama – neither is it a political thriller, like ‘Bergen’. In fact, it could almost be described as a high quality ‘soap’.

Well, not really, as putting ‘The Legacy’ in the soap genre would be doing it a massive disservice.  But it does contain many of the features of modern day soap – namely the domestic dramas that can wreak havoc within a large family group.

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The Six Wives of Mobi D’Ark: Book One – “Azzy”



As I have mentioned recently, it is my intention to start writing a new series of six novels, provisionally entitled, “THE SIX WIVES OF MOBI  D’ARK” . 

These new novels will cover a period of fifty years and go back over familiar territory, but with no childhood back story and with a much greater emphasis on my many lovers – won and lost – especially my 6 wives.  My first wife was Nigerian, and the remainder were all from Thailand. Each wife will represent a new period of ‘Mobi’s life’, and each will be a separate novel.

I am embarking on this venture at the suggestion of one of my ‘blog fans’, the same one who kindly introduced me to a local writers’ group here in Pattaya. He suggested that I write in a more ‘commercial’ style and write more intimate (lascivious) details about my relationships with women in my life as he feels I will attract more readers.

I know he is right and I am determined to give it a go, although quite how ‘commercial’ I can make these new writing efforts remains to be seen.

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