Sporting Cheats – Do We Deserve Them?

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The creative process

I’ve never had what some might call ‘writer’s cramp’.

Sometimes I sit down at my computer to write my weekly blog with no idea what I am going to write about.

Yesterday was just such an occasion, but even though I struggled to think of something to write about, I have always found that if I just start writing anything – no matter how trivial, or pointless, or ‘off the wall’ it may seem to be – that within a few minutes, the creative  juices will start to flow and before I long, I will have written hundreds, even thousands of words.

It never takes me long to get into the ‘zone’ and that has always been a good indication to me that writing must be ‘in my blood’- otherwise I wouldn’t be able to sit down at my key board for hour after hour, day after day, and produce hundreds of thousands of words without having a nervous breakdown. Once I am in that zone, I seem to be switched off to all external influences around me and the words simply flow, often without me noticing the passage of time, or the extent of my output.

The spiritual guru, Eckhart Tolle, tells us in ‘The Power of Now’ that anyone who is deeply involved in a task that they enjoy or are committed to – be it a creative pursuit , like writing or painting, or even a regular job with no creative element – that they have entered the ‘now’ zone and are free from thoughts of the past and worries about the future.

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As I no longer have any contemporary accounts of the life and times of a bar owner, (‘Tales From a Barfly’) , to entertain you, today sees the return of my regular articles on current events and matters of general interest, under my somewhat cryptic heading of ‘Mobi-Bytes’.

I am kicking off the return of Mobi-Bytes with a long article on a subject that has concerned me for many years – the cheating and corruption in sport.

I hope you enjoy it.


Sporting Cheats – Do We Deserve Them?

I am not a particular fan of Greg Dyke, either in his previous role as  Director General of the BBC, or in his current incarnation as Chairman of the English Football Association, but his recent comment that the FIFA’s report into World Cup corruption is ‘pointless’ and ‘a joke’, is not far off the mark.

The sad fact remains that just about everyone who follows or is employed in world-wide football – from exalted FIFA members, to lowly, amateur players, to armchair football fans – all know full well that what Dyke has said is unquestionably true.

Unfortunately, the autocratic Sepp Blatter, shameful head of FIFA,  runs his world football organisation with more authority than the boss of the Cosa Nostra has over his Sicilian criminal generals. For decades, nobody has the courage or wherewithal to challenge him and his utterly corrupt empire.

He was re-elected to the post as head of FIFA in 2011 for a further four years after promising the European members of FIFA that this would be his last term, and that when the term expired, at the age of 79 he would retire from public life.

Now he has reneged on his solemn promises and will run again next year and almost certainly become re-elected for another 4 year term, such is his hold over a vast majority of FIFA members.

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