Mobi’s blog delayed due to Nong Khai ‘mini-break’

IMG_9882 rev
One of many massive and strange images at Sala Kaeku, Nong Khai.

Sorry folks, there will be no major blog post today, as I’m in the middle of a ‘post-bar sale’ trip to Lek’s home province, Nong Khai.

Lek hasn’t seen her family for many months so as soon as the bar deal was done, I suggested a short trip back to her home province and of course she was delighted. 

All of us, (Lek and her two children, Neung & Song), drove up here last Thursday and we will be returning tomorrow, Monday.

It is a 9 hour road trip and we won’t be back until late tomorrow night.

The internet connection at the guest house where I am staying is very bad – I am posting this using my Android phone internet as a ‘hotspot’ – and on top of that, my stomach is still playing up something rotten; so I have decided to abandon plans to try and publish something substantial this week from the wilds of Issan.

I have lots to tell you about but alas it must all wait until next weekend.

I hope you all have a good week and hopefully Mobi’s blog will be back as usual, next Sunday,with loads and loads of new pics, of which the above is just a ‘taster.’

 MAB mini pic

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