12th October 2014

Mobi’s Books on Amazon-Kindle

After a thorough re-think, I have now finalised the pricing for my three books, which are for sale exclusively on Amazon-Kindle.

The new prices are as follows:

  • ‘A Lust for Life’ – $5.99 (£3.86). (Previously $9.99)
  • ‘Madju-Raj; Messenger of Death’ ($5.99) (£3.86) (Previously $9.99)
  • ‘Tales From Thailand’ ($4.99) (£3.16). (No change).

There were no sales of the first two books during the short period that they were put on sale for the higher price of $9.99, so nobody lost out.

I think the new prices are reasonable, given that the print length of all three books is very substantial – especially the first two. They are much longer read than most contemporary novels.

To buy your chosen book, click on the appropriate link listed on the right-hand side bar under: “Buy Mobi’s eBooks on Amazon”


Yesterday, I posted a ‘special’ blog which advertised my bar for sale. So far, there have been a few tentative enquires, but nothing that seems to be at all serious. It is still early days, and I am confident that sooner or later someone will come along and ‘make me an offer I can’t refuse’.

In the meantime we must soldier along and run the bar as usual.


I have given up on the car rental business, as the one remaining car that I had out for rent has been in the rental shop for over a month. With the tourist numbers in Pattaya down 30-40% year on last year, there is clearly a massive oversupply of car rentals and little prospect of making much money on our car in the near future.

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Tales From a Barfly

The Rains are a-coming

During this past week at long last we have had a fair amount of rain. This has obviously deterred some residents, (especially those on motorcycles), from venturing out for a drink. In spite of this, it has been pleasing to note that while many bars have been suffering from a sharp drop off in trade – not so at Mobi’s, where we are still seeing enough business to pay our way.

All our hard work and promotion has clearly paid dividends and it can only get better as the high season approaches.

On Friday, when I arrived at the bar, who should I see wandering around the bar  making himself a nuisance – none other than our favourite drunk, the redoubtable German gentleman who we have christened as Mr ‘Ting Tong’.

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