It’s back to the ‘Writing Board’

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It’s back to the ‘Writing Board’

Yes, my humble writing skills must once more take centre stage in an effort to pay the monthly bills and put food on the table.

I know now that I am not cut out to be an entrepreneur, and although I haven’t completely given up on my eBay site, I think it is unlikely that anything will ever come of it. I simply don’t have any enthusiasm or the spark of initiative to turn it into a profit making venture, bearing in mind all the competitors I am up against who have been doing it for years.

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As yet, there have been no serious enquiries from prospective buyers for Mobi’s Bar.

A few people have asked at the bar for my phone number but have failed to call; another man from Bangkok asked for precise directions and then his wife called later to confirm she would be coming, but a week later, we are still waiting for them to arrive…

A couple of Thai women have expressed an interest – both of them married to expats, so they obviously expect their respective husbands to dip into their pockets.

One asked if she could pay 50% down and the rest in instalments after she had taken over the bar.

No… I don’t think so…

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Tales from a barfly

The “Accrington Stanley” contingent

Last week, I recounted the tale of a certain group of northern gentleman who kept Mobi’s bar open until the very late hours. On that occasion, I was fortunate as Lek and I were able to call it a day at around 2 a.m. and hand over the reins to Auntie and two other girls who had succeeded in staying awake at such ungodly hours.

Those particular customers did not depart until well after 3 am. and the next evening, they were back again for yet another very late night session.

They chided me for not downloading the music they had requested on the previous evening.

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