A Week is a Long Time in the Bar Biz


As ever, it has been an interesting week in the life of Mobi.

It is now just over week since I announced my intention to sell my bar, and so far I am pleased to report that there has been a fair amount of interest, but as yet no serious offers.

That it will sell, I have little doubt, as the word slowly spreads amongst the local expat community and even further afield. 

But it may take up to three months, or even longer to do the deal, and in the meantime we have to carry on as normal. Like ‘yours truly’, there is always someone out there who fancies their chances as a bar owner on the outskirts of world famous ‘sin city’, so I will wait as long as it takes to get the deal I am looking for.

I have felt some of the pressure being lifted from my ageing shoulders since I made the decision to quit, but my stomach is still giving me much cause for concern. As a result, I have now slipped into the habit of going to the bar much later in the evening, when my stomach troubles have usually settled down for the day.

I don’t know why, but my stomach always feels quite dicky in the first part of the day but seems to settle as evening draws nigh.

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2 thoughts on “A Week is a Long Time in the Bar Biz”

  1. I was wondering what the eventual outcome was,regarding the house sales
    that you mentioned a while back,with the ex -Daeng.

    Did it go through or are you still in limbo.None of my business,obviously,
    but I’m only trying to get things in focus.

    Please delete if my inquiry is too near the knuckle.


    1. It is not too near the knuckle.

      The outcome of the house disposal was messy and quite unsatisfactory and I prefer not to write about it.

      Maybe one day.


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