The Night That Never Ended


Things have been picking up in Mobi’s bar world, and  it hasn’t been a bad week, after that first week of September, which admittedly was quite worrisome.

Our regulars are returning in starts and stutters and we continue to see new customers arriving in their ones, twos, and even the occasional family.

There is no doubt that many find Mobi’s a comfortable place to have a friendly drink, listen to pleasant music and also to meet other drinkers of a like mind.

So we will plough on, ever optimistic, that despite the governments unwitting moves to dissuade expats from coming back to Thailand by the ever more confusing visa rules and so-called crackdowns on the alcohol laws – which have not materialised and by general consensus, never will.

I am still a firm supporter of the current government as I see it as a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to make Thailand a better place by tackling the endemic corruption at every level of society, and by reviewing the countless inequitable and unfair laws which successive governments have been reluctant to tinker with for fear of a censure by action groups and the elected opposition.

But one thing they really have to do as a matter of urgency is to look at the effect that some of the new and confusing visa regulations are having on the tourists and expat residents, all of whom have contributed billions to the Thai exchequer.

Right now, Thailand is not enjoying a good reputation abroad and adverse news stories are deterring many people from visiting this wonderful land which is plainly evident by the shortfall in tourist numbers.

A think a good piece of government PR is way overdue.


Tales from a Barfly

The night that never ended

As evenings go, last Wednesday evening hadn’t been a bad  evening – business-wise – but by 10.30, the last customer had left and it looked as though we were in for a quiet late night and an early bedtime for one and all.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I turned to my laptop to do a bit of work when I was suddenly slapped on by back by an unknown assailant.

It was my old mate Mark, who I hadn’t seen for several weeks, since he took off for a new contract on an oil rig in darkest Africa.

I have known Mark virtually ever since I have been living in Pattaya and have followed his tumultuous adventures with the fairer sex, as he has with my own.

Suffice to say Mark is nearing the end of a very traumatic and expensive marriage with one of Thailand’s ‘maids of fortune’ ,having finally been able to wrench himself permanently away from the marital home, after countless failed attempts – much as I did back in 2009.

Similar to my own method of leaving my fifth wife, Mark’s M.O. has been to find himself another woman to replace ‘Er indoors’ thus breaking the emotional hold that his wife has had on him for many a year; and I have to say that his new choice of female companion seems to be just what the doctor ordered.

So there they were, Mark, hot off the plane from Africa, via the UK to see his son, and the delectable Fon, Mark’s new woman.

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