‘Del Boy’ Impersonaters and American ‘Refugees’…

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Since the ‘lows’ of last week, I think it is fair to say that my state of mind, whilst by no means being free of depression, has improved a little.

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about my overall health which seems to be taking a turn for the worst. The diarrhoea and stomach pains have returned – not all the time and nowhere near as bad as they were before I saw the specialist, , but enough to cause discomfort and yet more worry. I have also had some mild pain attacks in my upper abdomen, from which I have been blissfully free, ever since I went on my current medication regime.

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Tales from a Barfly

As ever, another fascinating week at Mobi’s – from the cacophonous night of last Saturday, when the nearby live music almost burst our eardrums for six long hours – to last night, when our own ‘dulcet tones’ of disco music had the foots a-tapping and the beer a-flowing.

Last Sunday saw the second day of the new EPL league and also the showing of the Formula One Grand Prix from Belgium.  I was worried about how to juggle the two sports so that F1 fans could watch one screen and Football fans the other.   

In the event, I failed in this endeavour as it became apparent that I couldn’t move customers who were already entrenched on their bar stools and would have objected had I tried to move them.

In fact one did, so I gave up.

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