Mobi’s 100 Dollar Karaoke


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I confess that as I sit and write this on Saturday afternoon at 3.15 pm. I am feeling totally shattered.

We had a very late evening last night at the bar, and while we didn’t quite manage to draw the big crowd I was hoping for, it was still a successful evening and those who did come had a really enjoyable time.

I know and understand why many people stayed away.

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Tales from a Barfly

Is There a God out there?

After a string of pretty quiet days last week, I wasn’t expecting last Saturday to be much different, although I confess that when I awoke on Saturday morning, I had a feeling that the evening may become a little problematic.

The reason for my fears was that Saturday was the start of a long weekend, (Monday and Tuesday were public holidays), and that two of my regular customers had pre-arranged to take two of Mobi’s best girls out for the evening as one of them was celebrating her birthday.

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