Mr Ting Tong & Einstein; The Return of Scarface ; Frankie Goes to Mobi’s

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Forthcoming Events 


Friday, 15th August, Music commences 8 pm 

Music is 100%Western, and features the Darkside’s number one karaoke host who is also a brilliant singer. 

All the famous (or infamous) Darkside singers will be on hand to participate in the evening’s fun and word already seems to be spreading like wild fire.

So come early to ensure a ‘ringside seat’…  



SATURDAY, 16th  August 

6.45 pm  Manu            V            Swansea

9.00 pm   West Ham    V                Spurs 

We will be offering all drinks at 20% discount from the kick-off of the Manu/Swansea match, until the first goal is scored, whereupon, prices will revert to normal. (No stacking of bottles or glasses). 

Free popcorn and the full Mobi’s Food menu will be available for those feeling peckish.

It should be a good evening for football fans who like to share their ‘highs and lows’ with a bit of a crowd…..



I suppose it has been a bit of a mixed week as we continue to fight for the ‘ever- diminishing customer base’ who live in and around the ‘Darkside.’ August is probably the worst of the three ‘low season’ months as all the expats flock to back their European roots to meet up with their children and grandchildren, (who are on school holidays at this time of year), and also to take advantage of the warm European summers.

As one of my most loyal customers said to me the other day, ‘Mobi, there is only one piece of cake’ and there are simply too many bars all trying to get their own slice of it.’

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Mr Ting Tong

One thing is for sure – win, lose or draw life is never dull when running bar on the Darkside, and hardly a day goes by when there isn’t an incident of one kind or another to get the juices going.

I have written  on several occasions about a certain ‘resident drunken’ – a German gentleman, the self-styled ‘Mr Ting-Tong.’ As with most continental Europeans, Mr Ting Tong does speak some English – albeit very slowly and very precisely, but with pretty good pronunciation.

His most commonly used English phrase when he is drinking at Mobi’s is: “You! Mobi! Very good man!” which he repeats loudly, while shaking my hand vigorously.

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Stop Press!!!

Saturday Night was Mobi’s  best night ever!

Read all about it in next week’s blog, or catch up with the daily bar news on The Thai Visa expat forum by clicking below:

Mobi’s – The New Bar on the Lake

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The infamous sign that triggered ww3 with 'Singha John'
The infamous sign that triggered ww3 with ‘Singha John’
Some of yesterday's (Saturday) late night revellers...
Some of yesterday’s (Saturday) late night revellers…
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