A Moral Dilemma and Scarface



Another bar week another bar dollar, or in my case; another bar month, and yet  another cash injection to pay the salaries and rent.

Yes it true, when we checked how much cash we had in hand to pay the end of month bills, there was a substantial shortfall, so once again I had to dip into my last remaining savings to keep the bar afloat.

This was very worrying, as I really felt that we had turned the corner and were at the very least were breaking even.

I am keeping proper accounts so I l know exactly how much we are taking each day, and how much we are paying out,(and what we are paying it out on), and every night we count the cash to make sure that everything tallies properly.

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Tales From a Barfly


Bars and Drunk Driving – a Moral Dilemma

I have received a lot of flak on my Thai Visa Expat forum thread about the story I related concerning a certain German Gentleman – the self-named Mr ‘Ting Tong’ who insisted on driving home drunk last week.

The point of most contention was the fact that Mobi’s ladies assisted the man to get on his bike, and when he crashed into a tree on the other side of the road; they rushed over to help him once again and point him in the right direction.

I can see the point of their outrage. What they are saying is that my staff effectively assisted this man to get onto the road and potentially be a danger to other road users.

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2 thoughts on “A Moral Dilemma and Scarface”

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    1. Thanks for the suggestion and links. They are most useful.

      At the moment I am pretty much spending my entire time on bar work – either at home promoting it and doing other stuff or at the bar talking to customers and keeping an eye on things, etc.

      If and when everything settles down, I can then turn my attention to other ways of making a few bob.


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