Parties, Police raids, Mobi’s Drunken ex-wives & Old Flames…



Here I am folks, back to blogging after my week’s hiatus, although in truth, I never stop writing, as I still have my ‘sponsor’s thread’ on the Thai Visa expat forum, which I generally update on a daily basis. My blog and the Thai Visa forum are the main outlets to promote and publicise “Mobi’s – the bar” and they have been extremely effective in drawing new customers to my bar.

To those who read both of these ‘media mouthpieces’, you have probably noticed that I have started to expand on reports that I originally write in Thai Visa and then publish extended versions in ‘Mobi-Babble’ or ‘Tales from a Barfly’ in my blog.

I apologise for the duplication, but as I am sure you will agree, there are only so many stories and events  that I can write each week, and my priority is to generate interest in the bar, which is now more or less my sole source of income.

Police raid at Mobi’s

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Tales from a Barfly

Two too many wives…

Wednesday, 16th July was one of those crazy days that can only happen in a bar in Thailand.

At around 6.30 pm, I received a call from Noo to inform me that my ex-wife, Dang, was there – at the bar – at Mobi’s!!. Fearing the worst, I asked her what she wanted, and she told me that she was just there to visit the bar and have a drink.

I hurried down to the bar and found her and 3 of her friends, (who I recognised from my married days with Dang), ensconced at one of the tables, all clearly well ‘into their cups’. They all greeted me like a long lost friend and Dang congratulated me on my ‘lovely bar;’ and insisted on buying me a drink. (Don’t’ worry, I had a Diet Coke)

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Feeding Time at Mobi's...
Feeding Time at Mobi’s…
A Selection of 'Mobi-Signs'
A Selection of ‘Mobi-Signs’


Don McLean singing 'American Pie' on the Big Screen
Don McLean singing ‘American Pie’ on the Big Screen


A late Night inrush of customers
A late night rush of customers

IMG_9554 IMG_9553 IMG_9551 IMG_9550


Lake Mabprachan from Mobi's
Lake Mabprachan from Mobi’s



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