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Chicken Curries at Mobi’s


chicken curry

In addition to our popular drinking snacks of French Fries (35 B / $1.00)jumbo hot dogs (35 B /$1.00); and chicken nuggets (50 B /1.67), Mobi’s now have pleasure in augmenting our simple menu with delicious chicken curries plus a big bowl of Thai fragrant rice (kow hom mali).

To start with, we are offering:

Chicken Korma, Chicken Tikka Masala and Chicken Madras, (all with rice) 

at the unbelievably low price of:

 B120/ $4.00

So far, feedback from our diners has been overwhelmingly positive so if you happen to be in Pattaya, why not drop by and give it a try? You will not be disappointed.

It’s more than enough food to stave off your hunger pangs but you won’t feel bloated to the point where you will stop drinking….



As many of you know, I always tell it the way it is – good and bad – and this week I’m afraid it’s all pretty bad.


That Big Bad Bear of Depression

Those of you who have been reading my blog for many years will be aware that from time to time I have suffered seriously from depression, which at one point was so bad, (early 2010 if I remember correctly), that I was extremely close to ending it all.

During those very bad days, I thought it would have been so easy. I all I needed to do was to inject a dose of 300 units of fast acting insulin into my arm and it would have been all over.

I vividly recall how close I was to the end of my pathetic life. It was the first time in my life when I couldn’t see any way out of my extremely depressed state; I was all alone and  I was a hopeless alcoholic, with no foreseeable prospects of quitting.

Each day I would wake up feeling like death, (from the previous day’s drinking binge), and then force enough booze into my alcohol-ravaged stomach to control the ‘DT’s’, and to make myself feel a bit better for a few blessed minutes.

I would sit on a chair in my studio apartment and  contemplate whether ‘do it’ that day, or to ‘enjoy’ a few more days of getting ‘paralytic before finally calling it a day and sending myself over the edge into everlasting oblivion..

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The trials and tribulations of running a  Bar on the Darkside

(The following article was also published in Yesterday’s Thai Visa Internet Forum in Pattaya)

I must admit that since the grand wedding/opening party last Friday, business has been somewhat slow.

June business was 50% up on May business, but so far this month, apart from the party night, it has not been going very well at all.

I know Mobi’s is not the only one that is suffering from a lack of customers and my few loyal clientèle  tell me that just about every bar on the Darkside is very quiet at the moment.

I guess it is a combination of many residents heading back to Europe for the summer and the effects of the World Cup, as many are staying at home to watch the football. (Many people are adjusting their sleep/wake habits so that they can watch the matches in the middle of the night)

A long time successful bar owner – whose opinion I respect – told me last night that  July through September  are really bad months for the  bar business and he reckons that up to 50% of the ‘Darkside’ residents are making trips back to their home countries at this time of year. He told me that I will have to hang on until October before things get going again.

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