One Wedding and a Party…

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The big news stories of the week have been my marriage to Noo on Tuesday followed by the grand party on Friday at Mobi’s to celebrate both the wedding and the completion (well almost..) of two months successful trading.

The legal marriage formalities were all but scuppered last Tuesday when we went to the amphur (district office) at Banglamung and the officer reviewed our paperwork and informed us that the papers were not in order.

She went on to explain that my name in Thai on the translation of the affirmation that I signed at the British embassy was not spelt in the same way as it was (in Thai) on my divorce papers, (from my previous marriage to Dang). One letter in my middle name had been notated differently in Thai script.

Noo looked at the officer though her doleful eyes and informed her that we had already been to Bangkok twice and that if we had to go again, we would have to cancel the wedding party.

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Tales from a Barfly


Regular readers may recall the tale in my blog of  8th June, (‘Stop Press – Lottery win destroys the business of two bars in one night!’) ,in which  I described the incident with the drunken, brawling bar girl next door, and how  she kicked one of my customer’s cars and was subsequently arrested and spent the night in jail.

You can find the whole story at the link below:

Here is a small excerpt of what I wrote at the time:

“It transpired that the girl had picked a fight with the wrong farang. He had a name-card wallet full of the phone numbers of senior police in Bangkok .

The local police had just wanted the girl to pay for the damage to the car, but the angry German wanted her to spend the night in jail.

The police weren’t keen to do this until Mr ‘BMW’ called one of his Bangkok police friends who then spoke to the local cops on his mobile phone. They all suddenly jumped to attention in mid phone call….

So the cops then told brawling girl she was under arrest and would be taken to spend a night in the poky.”

About two weeks after that incident, the gentleman in question returned to our bar…..

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