A Marriage Made in Mobi’s…..

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I have to say it’s been a funny old week.

We had a bit of everything – empty nights devoid of business when most people stayed home to watch the World Cup – other days when a high roller ‘rang the bell’ and bought countless drinks for the ‘house’, and then refused to pay the final bill (after settling a much larger one earlier) – people dropping by to watch a late night concert on my TV screens and then disappearing with all my staff – and last, but not least, a Friday evening totally bereft of customers when the third bar in our little group of three threw a party and scared all our customers away. (The noise from the live music was deafening…)

Such is life in the bar business I guess.

I have to say that I thought it would be the bar next to us that would cause the most problems, but apart from the few occasions when I have had a little bit of a ‘to do’ with Singha John and the drunken girl who works there, I have had more problems with the bar on the far side of the little strip.

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A Marriage Made in Mobi’s

If you can’t beat ’em…..…join ‘em…. So I’ve decided to have party of my own this coming Friday 27th June.

It will be a double celebration.

  • Two months of successful trading…

and…wait for it…

  • …to celebrate the joining together in ‘unlikely’ matrimony of Noo and Mobi.

Yes folks, it will be marriage No. 2 for Noo and marriage No. 6 for the much wedded Mobi.

Why? I hear you asking.

Well, we have been together for over 3 ½ years, and it is something that Noo wants to do, and who I am to refuse such a simple request?

I have little money and no assets of note, so even if the worst happens and we split at some time in the future – there is little remaining for a future ex-wife to fight over and quite frankly, she is welcome to anything she can find.

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