Stop Press – Lottery win destroys the business of two bars in one night!

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Another day another dollar… as they say… and it’s been another incident-packed week at Mobi’s.

The curfew was moved to midnight at the start of the week, and a couple of days later it was lifted completely in Pattaya, Phuket and Koh Samui, three of Thailand’s major tourist destinations.

Unfortunately, out at Lake Mabprachan, we are outside the city limits so the lifting of the curfew did not apply to us.

I wasn’t overly bothered as we close at midnight anyway, and I presumed that the cops would not be worrying too much about bars out in the sticks adhering rigidly to the bewitching hour, and so it has proven.

On Friday night our final customer left at around 1.30 and no sign of a cop… although we had turned the lights down very low at midnight, which usually satisfies the ‘boys in brown’.

I did hear that when the curfew was still at 10 pm, a bar further down the lake had flagrantly ignored the rules and was still going strong at midnight. The cops came along and the cashier was duly arrested, handcuffed and had to spend the night in the poky – which is none too pleasant . (I know – as I’ve spent the odd night or two there myself in the past…)

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Tales From a Barfly

There is barely a day goes past when something amusing, or of note, doesn’t take place in or near Mobi’s and in the brief period we have been open I have met some truly interesting people from all walks of life.

It is amazing how many punters have informed me that they once owned or ran a bar, either in Pattaya or Bangkok or even further afield. I may be wrong, but I take it as a sign of approval that they have offered little if anything in the way of comments or tips on how to run my bar. I am sure they would have done if they saw the need, but most seem to be approving in the way we are managing things.

There is one regular – I will call him Jim – who makes a point of dropping by with his friends every single day. Jim not only owned a bar in Pattaya for several years, but also ran a night club in the UK and he has been a very useful sounding board. 

As mentioned elsewhere, we are playing an increasing amount of old music (1940’s – 1980’s) and Jim is a positive mine of information. There is nothing he doesn’t know about popular music for this period, to say nothing of his knowledge of movies, movie stars and the like.

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Stop Press – Lottery win destroys the business of two bars in one night!

Yes, folks it’s true – not one, but two bars’ businesses fell by the wayside, all because of one little lottery win of a mere 10,000 Baht (200 quid).

By way of an introduction, I will relate what happened when none other than my little Noo won about 14,000 Baht a few weeks ago.

She was so happy with her win that she bought a round of drinks for all the girls at the bar and spent large amounts of her winnings to treat all her friends and relatives. I reckon by the time she had finished celebrating she was lucky to have half of her winnings remaining intact.

I tried to chide her over her profligacy, but she would have none of it, even though, as many of my readers will know, we are not exactly in the best of straights financially, and all that money could have been put to much better use; but what could I say or do?

It is a Thai custom….apparently….

Today (or yesterday as I am writing this at 1 a.m, Noo went to the bar as usual in mid-afternoon, with me scheduled to follow at my usual time of around 5.30 p.m.

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