Month’s End brings Fights Galore at Mobi’s!



I had intended to revert back to my usual weekly format of writing about the life and times of Mobi under the heading of Mobi-Babble, and in addition to this, writing  an article or two on other matters of general interest.

However, it is now 2.00 pm on Sunday, 1st June and I am not at all sure how much I can write as I have to be back at the bar by 6 pm at the latest. I’ll see how it goes.

Last night saw the conclusion of our first full month of trading (well 29 days anyway) and I would be a doom-sayer indeed if I didn’t concede that so far, things seem to have gone pretty well.

It will be a few days yet before I determine whether or not we have broken even, as I now have to analyse all the spread sheets produced by the POS till/computer, and prepare a monthly trading account. Last night we took a physical stock count, so I will also be able determine the amount of shortages/overages – hopefully minimal, as we keep very close control and all stock is locked up over-night.

Off the top of my head, looking at the raw numbers, I reckon we will be close to break even, but what may have put us in the red was the first two weeks, when we had a permanent ‘Happy Hour’ and we sold everything – including ladies’ drinks – at a 20 % discount.

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Tales from a Barfly


Two Bars and Four Fights

As the month drew to a close we did have a number of somewhat unsavoury incidents.

Fight number one …

…involved one of my regulars, who arrived late one evening , in a somewhat inebriated state, (par for the course for him), ordered a drink and sat down looking extremely agitated.

After about 20 minutes, he paid  his bill and was on the way out when all hell suddenly broke loose between him and one of the girls in the adjacent bar.

I didn’t see the start of the incident, but the screaming and shouting brought it to my attention, and I could see that the guy had a bottle in his hand and was engaged in a fight with one (or more) of the girls in the next bar– all of them astride my dividing perimeter.

It was beginning to look quite nasty, when one of the larger customers in the next door bar came over and hugged the drunk around his waist and gently led him out to his motor bike, and after a while he calmed down and drove off.

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