It’s That Man Again!!




We are now two weeks into our new bar-venture and this weekend heralds the start of week three.

Despite a few ups and downs, I can report that things are continuing to proceed in a satisfactory manner, especially considering the unbearable afternoon temperatures which peak at over 40 degrees and the insufferably high humidity. Even when the sun goes down, the level of humidity barely drops and when you are away from air conditioning, your body remains permanently covered in a sheen of perspiration.

Everyone is praying for the rains to come, which are due in the next couple of weeks, as that will cool everything down quite nicely and bring many of the scorched lawns back to life.

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Tales From a Barfly – 18th May, 2014

It’s That Man Again!!

I have written in my blog and in the Thai Visa forum about a certain alcoholic  gentleman who has -and continues – to create much aggravation for me and my new business venture.

Here is what I wrote in last week’s Mobi-Babble:


“The guy who I wrote about in this blog a few weeks ago and I ended up banning, has been taking verbal ‘pot shots’ at m every day  from the adjacent bar – telling anyone who will listen what a SOB I am. (and much more besides). Little Noo is becoming very angry about his antics as it will inevitably have an effect on potential customers, so if I was him – and if he is reading this blog,  I give him good notice – he had better watch out.”


I have tried very hard to ignore all this, as the last thing I want is to create a ‘scene’ in my place of business, so soon after opening the doors. But even someone with the ‘patience of Job’ as one customer said of me, has his ‘tipping point”.

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