It’s Mobi’s Bar – Week two….

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Mobi’s has now been open now for over a week, and while there were times mid-week when I started to wonder if I had made the biggest mistake of my life; but at week’s end, I can report that things seem to be going pretty well – all things considered.

It will clearly take time to extract customer from other watering holes and start to build up a regular clientele, and right now is the worst possible time to try to do this as the afternoon heat is nigh on unbearable.

For the past few days the temperatures have been in the low 40’s and if this wasn’t bad enough the high humidity has been a killer. Five minutes exposed to the elements is enough to bathe you in sweat, so as you might imagine, it’s not at all easy to persuade any – save the most hardy souls – from leaving the air-conditioned comfort of their homes.

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Tales From a Barfly


Long before I decided to go into the bar business, I had been seriously considering reverting to the short story format for my next literary efforts, and the subjects of these stories were going to be tales emanating from the countless years I spent propping up the bars of the world.

Some of them would be about my own experiences, but most would be about the lives and adventures of the countless people I had come across over the years.

In the meantime, even after a single week, I have seen a few snippets of ‘bar life’ that I would like to  share with you, and time permitting I will continue this section on a regular basis.

Later some of these snippets may be developed into full blow short stories.

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