13th April, 2014: It’s “Mobi’s” by a short head…



Out with the old





And in with the new





We closed the deal on the bar last Wednesday, and  Noo drove a very hard bargain in making the previous owner pay for re-stocking the bar (as required in our agreement) and deducting a load of unpaid bills from the final settlement. Both Noo and her aunt seem to be very savvy people as far as business is concerned and I feel much encouraged.

We are now pressing on with our plans for  the bar and have been busy buying this and that and planning in detail how we will run it – drinks prices, and so on. As you can see form the above pics, the new sign is now in place.

I have been setting up spread sheets to determine the unit costs of individual sales items, projected profitability etc.,  and on Thursday I purchased a POS, (Point of Sale), cash register, which is specifically designed for use in wine bars, delis etc.

Once programmed, the POS will issue printed bar tabs for each customer which will be updated as they re-order, and will list the drinks ordered. The cash register will have a separate button for each sales item so the cashier does not have to input prices.

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Mobi’s eMarketplace

There has been little progress my eBay account as I try to juggle my priorities. In any case there is little I can do until I have achieved the requisite approval ratings from satisfied customers, and have sourced some more Thai products to put up for sale.

I have received my first approval rating from a buyer in the USA, so that’s a good start.

 Noo is going  to Nong Khai tonight to spend Songkran with  her family and hopefully, while she is there she will try to source some Thai products to sell on eBay.

In the meantime, if any of you feel like helping me in getting my ‘approval ratings’ up and running, please take a look at what I have for sale. Maybe your wife or girlfriend might be interested in a lovely hand made handbag or Thai silk cushion covers?

My stuff for sale can be found on:

Mobi on eBay.com


Mobi on eBay.uk

Also, please don’t forget that my two eBooks are still for sale as a download on:

Lust For Life – Amazon UK

Lust For Life – Amazon USA/Global

Madju-Raj – Amazon UK

Madju-Raj – Amazon UK/Global.

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